Founder: Holistic Dentist, Doctor Vinograd

Natural, Holistic Dentist, Doctor Vinograd
The founder of this site, Dr. Daniel Vinograd, is more than just a holistic dentist San Diego can trust. His 30-plus years of experience as a holistic healer and a health products innovator proves he is a positive force who serves the whole world.

As a natural dentist, his patients are treated with professionalism, respect, care and attention that just isn’t available from some traditional dentist’s offices. His patients can also be sure that the materials he uses are safe, mercury-free and non-toxic. In fact, he’s been committed to holistic, non-toxic dentistry for decades.

The Detox – Natural Dentist Connection

Before the term holistic dentist existed, Dr. Vinograd was constantly looking for ways to detoxify himself and his clients. That was long before he became the well-known and respected holistic dentist San Diego residents and those from all around the area trust with their mouths.

Because of his desire to do the best he could for himself and his patients, he developed a simple lifestyle guide that encourages eating fewer processed food and greater quantities of cultured foods as well as lots of veggies and protein. In addition, he recommends allowing only non-toxic materials to be used in dental procedures, staying informed about the strong links between dental health and your overall health and using oxygenated water to clean your teeth.

He is also a strong advocate of participating in spiritual practices to enhance overall life, including yoga, meditation and similar practices to which you relate well.

Strong Patient Relationships

His reputation as the holistic dentist San Diego can confidently trust has grown because of the emphasis he places on developing strong relationships with his clients. That’s why he offers tips, hints and products to his patients that he believes can make a real difference in the quality of their lives.

That’s also why he’s been an innovator in painless treatments and in getting away from barbaric traditional dental procedures and instead performing minimalistic treatments when appropriate. That saves stress, money and time.

He understands that many people have been traumatized by past dental nightmares, so he works to make his patients comfortable, put them at ease and help them find solutions to even their most complex dental issues.


A Citizen Of The World

But Dr. Vinograd’s influence extends beyond San Diego. He has influenced many dental students who now practice around the world through his role as an associate professor of prosthodontics at the University of Southern California. In addition, he has provided direct dental services to patients around the world on medical mission trips to Guatemala, the Peruvian Amazon and even in Tennessee.

His professional memberships in international organizations also serve as proof of his standing. They include membership in the International Association of Mercury-Safe Dentists, the International Society of Dental Anxiety Management and others.

Perhaps his strong commitment to more than just his holistic dentistry is demonstrated strongest in his commitment to this site and its products.

While others hope for solutions and wish there were better ways, Dr. Vinograd has been finding them for more than three decades.

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