Spring Detox

Date             April 26, 2013

Speaker/s     John Douillard

Title             Spring Detox


Hi everyone, thank you for coming out tonight. Couple of things about tonight that I want to talk to you about is we need to cleanse and why we need to detox. This is the last month of winter and there are things that we really need to do.

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Nature has a harvest and that harvests is a prescription for staying healthy. We have one month of winter left and then spring comes in there’s a whole new prescription laid out for us to again stay healthy.


In winner it’s very cold, it’s supposed to be cold and very dry it’s for sure dry right? And to the extent that we get extra dry in the winter, which we do, is to the extent that we actually make access reactive mucus in the spring in this so-called raining muddy season.


The idea is that nature in the in the winter time provides us with more meats and soups and stews in heavy higher fat higher protein foods kind of a Atkins type diet in the winter and if we followed the seasons and lived off the land that we would be a very high protein high-fat diet in the winter and that’s just what’s available; a much more dense food supply.


In fact the digestive system is in fact stronger in the wintertime. It’s like we turn the heat on in the winter and that strengthens our ability digest hard to digest foods.


In the summertime when it’s very hot the system gets actually weaker it’s weird right but we turn the air conditioner on in the summertime to stay cool.


One of the reasons why we survivors of  <inaudible, mic goes out>and we could actually persistence on and handle all of these heats and we have all these really amazing mechanisms to dissipate heat out of our body; one of which, from the Arabic perspective, is that in the summertime the digestive fire gets weaker and the foods are cooked on the vine, they’re cooked like the apple


So when you eat them fresh off the vine they are predigested, you don’t have to cook them. The problem we are eating burgers, milkshakes, fires and things that are not cooked on the vine when the body is not digesting in a very efficient manner.

The idea is that nature does provide a prescription for us to stay healthy and in the spring, which is right around the corner it’s a rainy, heavy, muddy time of the year and in Arabia its called Kova, it comes from the would cough which means it can be digested.


So in winter time the body is going to produce more mucus, not only in your sinuses but also in you intestines tract and all your mucus membranes are going to produce a lot of reactive mucus.  To the extent that you got dry in the winter it’s the excess to that in the spring and plus we get more congested and they call it the allergy season, your intestinal tract will get boggy




So the deer what they do in the spring time is that they chew on these micro greens which we know have 4-5 more nutritional value than the full grown plant does, micro greens are like the new cool thing and the deer chew on them.


The green valleys in the spring is like this fluorescent, chlorophyll rich green and what happens is and we should because the deer do, these deer eat these greens and clear out their intestinal villi. In the wintertime when we get dry and start to produce excess reactive mucus what happens to us is we produce a lot of mucus in the gut.


<Demonstrates to audience>


Here’s your intestinal tract here and on the other side of your intestinal tract you have your villi and they are mucus membranes. If they get dried out in the winter you get the excess reactive mucus and that mucus is going to bogged down and flatten those villi out.


The deer chew on the bitter roots, the rezones that come out of the ground in the early spring, they chew on the bitter greens, the bitter roots they dig up in the spring, before the little micro greens comes up   they dig up the little roots like dandelion, burdock root, golden seal and they chew on these thins and what that alkaloid rich greens do is they scrub the intestinal villi and clean that mucus that came from being extra dry in the winter and producing that active mucus in the spring.

The gut gets boggy so nature says we’re going to give you these fruits that we don’t eat anymore and clean out the villi. Once we clean out the villi and scrub them with these bitter roots we then eat these micro greens, fluorescent, chlorophyll rich greens and they fertilize the good bacteria in your intestinal tract. So your villi on the spring are reset for nature’s new year to function in an optimal fashion.


The villi in our intestinal track are huge, we have flatten them all out and it’s as big as a tennis ball court so it’s a huge number that we have but we also have a problem here, we have stress that impacts your intestinal tract.

In fact 95% of the serotonin in your body is produced in your gut, only five percentage of the serotonin is in your brain at any given time.  So we think that our brain is producing all the serotonin but the fact is its produced, manufactured and stored in your gut.


The reality is we process our stress through our intestinal tract. We’ve been doing it ever since we were kids, ever since we were tow or there year old and they made fun of your lunch pack at school and they made fun of your back pack and the clothes you were wearing and we had to process all of that stress through our intestinal tract. That does is it tends to stress out tat intestinal tract and then dry it out. When the gut gets dry we got constipated and kids don’t poop good. Nobody knows by the way if their kids are pooping good because nobody seem to ask the question.


I have a lot of kids that comes in my office and I always ask them “ how are your bowel movements “ and they look at me like “what?” and they’re mom and dad are like  “ I don’t know”, nobody seems to know. Its something that I wrote an article on recently, I don’t know if you guys saw my news letter but we wrote one called the Perfect Poop, it’s sort of the on going, non stop joke every time we have a meeting I have to bring up the perfect poop but it was really interesting what you’re bowel movements should actually look like and if it doesn’t look like the perfect pop then when what is it telling you.

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