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Remember that movie The last emperor where the doctor smelled the emperor poop and went “ too much curd” and gave it back to him because they looked at his bowel movements which are actually an important part of our verbata and if you just look to your right you will be able to see what ‘s happening in your bowel movement. Sometimes because of a lot of stress banging away at the gut, the gut gets dry and you get constipated and you know what that is but the gut can produce mucus and you can actually see mucus in the stool. If you do that then you know for a fact that the villi are flattened out, bogged down with too much excess mucus.


Now that happens every spring in a little bit f a smaller scale.  Every spring the mucus production is heightened and the villi are bogged down and nature gave us the perfect prescription, lots of bitter roots like dandelion greens, dandelion is a great scrubber for the intestinal tract, its also a great lymphatic remover, its also a great diuretic. Dandelion in France they call it pissonlee id you know that? Which means to piss in the bed and every self-respecting french person knows that if you drink dandelion tea you’re probably going to pee in the bed.  Another French explorer came her and saw the same plant and called it dandelion, tooth of a lion, I don’t how they got their signals crossed in France but two French people named it two different things but the bottom line is this plant, the dandelion plant is such a good plant because not only does it scrub intestine villi of mucus and not only does it provide greens to fertilize the good bacteria in the gut but it also provides something else.


On the outside of your gut wall you have what is called the gut associated lymphatic tissue and that is where 80% of your immune system lies in the lymphatic system. On the outside of you gut wall is where 80% of your lymph is and that’s where most of the immunities lies.


How it works is wherever you have skin, you have skin on the outside, on the inside, around your repository tract, in your arteries, along your intestinal tract, on the other side of skin you have a lymphatic vessel waiting with an immune responders to pounce on any weird thing that gets through my skin. If I get hit by a mosquito then I have my lymphatic muscle it’s called skin and associated lymph on the other side of the skin ready to pronounce on whatever bug is tying to get through.

On the outside of our gut wall you can only imagine what gets through there and there’s all kinds of lymphatic muscle vessels to pounce on any weird, undesirable bug that might get through.


The dandelion for example is also a great lymphatic remover. One of our first major detox pathway is where toxins get into out intestinal tract and they try to get out through the intestinal villi into your gut associated lymph and I wrote an article in one of my videos called The most important half inch in your body. It is really, truly the most important half inch in your body and you have miles of it and if that is not happy and functioning well you’re not going to detoxify well.


If you don’t detoxify well the first thing that happens is that the toxins go all in your lymph and your lymph, the lymph is all the things that get in between the cells like protein, glutton and <inaudible> from dairy and all the stuff we don’t eat, toxin and parasite gets inside and between your cells and they cause hypersensitivity reactions, allergic reactions is what happens.


If your lymph is congested you’ll feel things like tiredness, heaviness, lethargy, your rings may get tight on your fingers, your ankles could swell and you could get skin rashes, you could feel achy joint s definitely stiff in the morning, your body hold on to water more, you can bloat when menstruating, most of the fluids is drained through the gut associated lymph and goes right through here and if the breast as well are becoming tender in an excessive manner, even in a small manner that’s an indication of lymphatic concession . It can cause headaches, allergies, and all types of hypersensitivity reactions.


Realistically, how many of is have something like that, some of those conditions?


It’s pretty common right?


The first thing that goes south in our body is our lymphatic system and they’re going south because the villi got congested and we didn’t properly clean them out and scrub them at the end of the winter with good bitter roots which is sort of now and greens in the spring and nature provides the final step to clean the lymph with many more leafy spring greens plus berries.

Anything that is red like a berry or a cherry is going to provide you with the lymphatic draining benefits.  That’s why at the end of the spring we’ve got cherries, we get all the berries so nature provides this incredible 1-2-3 punch which is the first part of the spring you get greens, the bitter roots to clean the villi then your greens to fertilize and then the berries and cherries to flush the lymphatic system.


That is such a critical piece of the puzzle in springtime and if we don’t do that things go wrong. Your lymph congest, your body congest, you become congested and toxic but the problem is the toxins will default; they wont be able to get through into your lymphatic system so what happens is the toxins fall back into your liver.



These toxins that we’re talking about guys are fat-soluble toxins pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals, environment pollutants. The ones that’s are really hard for us to get rid of are the fat soluble ones. The water-soluble toxins are very, very easy.  The liver has to take all these fat-soluble toxins and covert them into water soluble toxin so that they can be flushed out of the body through the kidney or through the intestinal tract.


What happens is the liver puts these toxins into the blood and the blood puts them into your fat. The fat cells have a saturation point.  There’s a limit to how much toxins we can stuff into our cells and once they become overwhelmed the body starts looking other places to put the toxins and one of the worst places they go is into your brain tissue and then w begin to get heavy metal toxicity in out brain, we get toxicity build up, that’s something’s that is actually very, very real and you wonder about people becoming cognitively compromised later on in life, you wonder if this didn’t happen twenty, thirty years ago your digestive process began to break down.


What we’re getting at here is your ability to digest well is your ability to detoxify well. If you don’t digest well you’re not going to detox well. If you have an issue with a digestive concern, either constipation or mucus in the stool or possibly any of these lymphatic indicators or possibly you don’t digest wheat, dairy or fried food very well and I’m not saying we should east dairy, wheat or fried food but we should, most of us be able to digest those foods.


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