Is The Raw Lifestyle For You? P7

We are not grass eaters. A lot of these things will contain grass fillers and I am not a big fan of grass. Grass is for goats and cows and four legged animals. We are fruitarians. It doesn’t mean that we don’t eat green foods; I believe we should eat green leafy foods and that includes green grass too. Wheat grass can be a benefit but is it ideal, is it suitable for a human being would beg to different. Wheat grass is big in a lot of different rice but I don’t think its again there many other foods are that we can drink like algae for example. We can take different algae, they have to eat tree alive, which is great, and noni juice is also a very powerful tonic. Noni is a fruit and a noni has no sugar. There is thing that in wheat grass I think there’s just a lot of hype more than everything else. When you look for the grass but if you’re drinking green juice then you’re getting what you need anyway.

I think that’s more of a distraction more than everything else of the real issue and its like eating real food and you get what you need. I think with regular fasting or periodic fasting along with a balanced diet. We really need to look at what the gentleman asked earlier about protein fat and sugar. Those are the things we need to a balance and we have good balance of and I would even go deeper with bitter sour those kinds of things. When you have a balance between those different taste sensations, you have a balance of carbohydrates vs. the fat and protein, and then you have a balance of all the different nutrients and different hormones like estrogen….

Mushrooms, I’m not totally against mushrooms but I’m not a big fan of mushrooms either. I think that it is necessary. It’s not our true sun food. We really sun food, foods that’s are more activated by the sun and have sun energy, that’s why fruits, green leaf and vegetable, flours, nut seeds these things have sun energy vs. mushrooms and more of a fungus.

Can we benefit from some mushrooms yes. We can produce some but will it make the difference.

The thing is with losing weight; losing weight is just necessary you want to be at your natural weight however that may look. If it’s healthy you will look good. The thing is that if you re eating a good diet and I when I say a good diet I mean a high raw food diet and you are regularly fasting you would be at your natural weight where you are naturally suppose to be.

What happens interestingly enough it happened with me and a lot of folks that I know who would take on raw food diets 100%, what tends to happen is that it would be like you you are on a fast and you will lose and lose. So if you are not trying to lose weight don’t be alarm it will be almost like a 6-9 months period where you will lose and then you will start to gain.

Its like your body is eliminating and remaking so on new material. You can’t build in a dirty house. Of we want to create a building then and that’s the whole idea. When you go raw you can hope for that to happen no matter what your weight is. You can look if you stay with it then you weight will com back and whatever that weight is that’s your weight.

As well but I think that just with balanced diets, a balance approach I wouldn’t be so concerned with doing a fast not at that age. Especially with I personally wouldn’t suggest that. Even with the coconut water which typically is safe for diabetic to fast on coconut water but with that I wouldn’t take that risk. Personally would say lots of fruits and juices but foods ass well. I think that over time you just have to be more gradually and more patient with a case like that.

I have been getting the coconut water, the coconuts for years now. I’m not a big fan of the coconuts but if that’s convenient and for most people that’s what ether am able to….

I’m the source. I can sell it by the case a couple cases.

Probably a week to two weeks. Even if you don’t use it I would process it and get the water out like within a week. You don’t want to lose any because within that first week you start to lose some. Even thought its a hard encasing the water can seep through and sometimes you can put it and one can be more softer than the other one and it can cause a little crack. Within a week I would process it, I would take all the water out and bottle it then you can freeze it. The meat you would have to freeze as well if you’re not going to use right away.

That’s what we do. I don’t get as many as we can handle inn a week. Even though they set out and basically room temperature after a week they start to sour.

I talk about again the food storage. That’s what you have to do if you are storing coconut water because that can store at room temperature and it can store for a couple of months. Beyond that it’s a preference.

I would say you could drink it side by side with your usual water intake.

You did the best you can.

Again it depends on where you are at but you’re going to detox. The less you put in the more you p detox. One extreme is just to be on the you’re going to detox, on a they called it a dry fast no water. That’s too extreme for all of us and then we have plain water if you drink just plain water you’re going to detox, it’s going to be a high level detox because you’re not putting in. you’re going to be weak and your body is going to be detoxing. It’s going to be accelerated and then probably the next level is coconut water. Coconut water is a good balance. You but not extreme like water or the . Then juice is a next level. The more you put in, it’s an inverse relationship between what you put in and how hard your body has to work. It ha to work a little bit harder to process juice vs. coconut water.

Smoothie is next. I wouldn’t put any bananas in the smoothie if you are trying to detox I would just use the whole fruit if you are going to do more of a smoothie where there is going to be so much fiber. For we example pineapple or apples. You’re going to detox but not at a level of just juice because your body has to do some work in terms of breaking down the fiber.

The less work you body have to do in terms of what you put in the more detox.

Juice is definitely better than detoxing. Any other questions?

I have a class scheduled for next moth. I believe it’s the 16th and the 17th. If you want more information send me an email. Its not on my website but its a two day intensive class, we’ll go through pretty much I don’t want to say everything but we go through a lot, 2 days, 4-5 hours each day and again you can meal me at if you are interested I can shoot you the link. It was also on my newsletter that’s the thing I was also trying to correct. I have a newsletter that I use to send out information like this but I don’t have a link to join. So if you want to join you can send me an email and I will put you on my newsletter.

Thank you again. Thank you for coming out I appreciates it.

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