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I think that you can juice every day and again if you can every morning you have your first juice and your breakfast. when you fast and you look at the cycles , you have your 24 hour cycle, you have your week looking cycle, when you are fasting multiple days it like you are extending the fast cycle because within the 24 hour cycle you have the fasting cycle which happens naturally when we are sleeping . we know instinctively to come off of our fast , whether its 3 days , 5 days , 7 days most people come and they say how should I break my fast? but we don’t ask that for a 24 hour cycle. when we wake up from my sleep how should I break my fast? with coffee and bagels and don outs? right , it sounds crazy but that’s what people do .

we should be breaking our fast with water, fresh juices and that be our breakfast. its really critical to practice . by doing that we are really practicing fasting each and every day and each everyday becomes and opportunity to fast . the nice thing about juicing is that there is variety. its just like salad , you do a raw gourmet it makes it exciting and juicing brings a variety. different colors and indifferent tastes, use different foods and be creative.

audience: how ling would you say is that for refrigerator>

Kehpra: well in the refrigerator it’s indefinite. Its they are not refrigerated I would say 3 months. You want to use them to settle longer than three months.

Say if you are strong them you want to them within three months. If you let them sit loner than three months you want to either use them or if you can store them in the refrigerator and rotate them exactly.

If you’ve got nuts that has been unshelved you probably store a little longer because when they have been processed. There are exposed to, a lot of times you get nuts and they are vacuumed pack so that’s almost like they’re being still on the shelf.

Same thing. You really want to get your dates fresh anyways. I try to use fresh dates so the dates that I get they are in the refrigerator because they are fresh and they have a better consistency, better flavor etc. the dry dates are really not that great.

I order them.

Audience: I was going to ask about wild rice. Can you put wild rice in the water for 24 hours and eat it without cooking it or do you have to cook it?

Kehpra: wild rice will or at least the way I prepare the wild rice it needs some heat. One of the ways I do this and this is a trade secret because if you just soak the wild rice it’s not going to split. Some of it will split. Its really a seed the wild rice so if you just soak it at room temperature you will have half of it and therefore it will become soft and chewy and then the other half of it will be hard. The way to get round that is, you take out all the and you set it to like 100degeeres, 120 degrees and that’s jus enough heat and you got t make sure you have enough water. At least four cups of water to one cup of rice and you want to keep a lid on it because the water will evaporated. So you keep a lid on it and you keep the water in. it took me two years to figure that out, that’s a deep secret.

That the great thing about raw food and that’s a great thing even for me personally as a chef is that I like to learn all the different traditional cuisine whether its Caribbean. Italian, Asian, African. There’s so much out there that you can do in terms of being familiar with the different spices because everyone has their own unique different spices. The other thing depending on the kind of dish it is creating that texture and its so wide pen. Like I said its still so much for me to learn personally as a chef. That’s what so exciting about raw.

Palm oil is healing oil. I use palm oil, we make , and I’ve used palm oil in my wild rice so these are two examples right t there with palm oil. You have to cook with palm oil. Palm oil does have to be at least room temperature. If it’s cold, if you store it in the fridge it’s going to cake up, it’s not going to taste good but palm oil is warm and it really taste delicious. Like I said its one of those tropical oils like coconut oil that s very beneficial for us and it should truly be in our diet.

No palm oil is again just like coconut oil when the agro business, its a big thing when they replace coconut oil back maybe 50 years ago that’s when every one was using this tropical oils, coconut oil and palm oil for their cooking needs. Soy oil was cheaper to producer and that’s why soy really exploded into the health scene. It was the oil that they were getting and the curd was a by-product and it was passed as a health food. So the soy oil replace coconut oil at least that’s what it did back then.

When you eat lots of coconut oil and palm oil those things are good for our endocrine system and our whole balance with our glands and it really helps to regulate weight among other issues that we have because we don’t eat tropical oils.

That’s a good question. That’s something that is a really big part of our business. In addition to the raw food, that’s how this book came about. Basically they wanted the program crystalized and so I crystalized it and I have added a lot of philosophy, information, and experience in addition to the actual nuts and bolts of doing a fast. That’s something as big part, we have people who come everyday picking up juice fast. If anyone is interested in doing a juice fast most people do three days but 5 days, 7 days is good especially this time of the year to really give your system a rest, a really nice way t kick start. You can see me after the talk or you can email me if you are interested and we will get you in the schedule. A lot of you may have seen that I offer this on a lot of discount sites. I’m sure some of you might have purchased one of those but coming to me directly you <> priority scheduling and I can offer a similar price online.

Basically how it works is that if you sign up and we usually give out 3 days worth of juice at a time so if you do longer than a week then you will actually come back a second time or a third time if you are going longer. Just to say al little bit about the fasting in particular by using coconut water, coconut water is a while food. Its not just water, its complete. If you are juicing celery or cucumber or pineapple you have a processed food. Yes you are going to benefit. with coconut water the only thing that is nice is that it a while food as a water and the thing is when you drink it you really get fulfilled n so many different levels.

What we do is we issue the coconut water as a base for your other juices as well, our grain juice and even fruit juices we use the coconut water as a compliment. If you were drinking fresh squeezed orange juice by itself can be pretty intense. Even though its 99% water you’re drinking it can be pretty intense but by adding county water to it really lightened it but it doesn’t dilute it. If you put spring water in it you can taste the water but when you add coconut water it lightens it without diluting the integrity of the juice. That’s why the coconut water is great. Encourage you to use cocoanut water to stretch your juice. It’s a great way to stretch your juice, without compromising it.

You got to think about what I was saying about building vs. detoxing. The green foods are builders for the most part. Green foods are actually both. They are really in-between like when you have your foods, the stray cleanser, your nuts and seeds are strength builders, and your greens are sort of in the middle. With that said your green powder is where you benefit but I think that it depends. If you are juicing your greens and you’re getting your greens then it’s probably not necessary. If you wanted to include like age and if I had some algae in they’re like sparilena or they have some fancy super foods out there on the market now. If you want to get some algae in your system then that’s great. One of the things that I am not a big of is grass.

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