Spring Cleaning

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First of all, congratulations, guys.  You guys really need to, yes, absolutely. That’s quite the accomplishment that you guys were able to achieve.  That’s very admirable.  There’s a lot of people who won’t do what you guys just did primarily out of ignorance.  They just don’t know.  You’re probably heard of different, “Oh, I’ve got all these plans.  I’ve got this,” but you don’t really know what to expect with a “cleanse”, right?  Most people think of, “I’ve got to run to the bathroom all the time.” So, I don’t want people to think that.

Just sometimes.

Just sometimes.  So, alright.  Welcome back.  So, are you guys ready to get back into a normal lifestyle after this?

No. I like this lifestyle.

You’re liking this lifestyle? Yeah, a lot of people are liking how they’re doing.  So, let’s get into it.  By the way, who wants copies of lectures?  We have it.  We’re recording it.  You can get all five DVDs for personal reference, for use, for refresher.  Granted only one family needs it at a time. If you want, you can get them $75 for the full set.  It’s interesting to have.

So, you thought the first 21 days was tough, but before we talk about what’s next, I need to fill in some gaps and give you guys a little bit more information that’ll help you to get a better appreciation of your health and give me some feedback as well.

So, can someone tell me what the master control system of the entire body is? Anyone?

The stomach.

The stomach? The what? Absolutely.  The brain works system, the central nervous system which consists of the brain, spinal cord, or the master control centers. They run every single tissue in your body, including the heart, including your gut.  Why is that important?  Well, very simple.

You’ve got your brain, and you’ve got a tissue.  Pick a tissue. Let’s pick the stomach.  Okay.  The brain will communicate with the stomach, I hope, and the tissue will communicate back with the brain.  For example, you’re about to take a bite of a big, old vitamin, a big, old fat juice cheeseburger, and immediately, your brain will start sending a message to the stomach to say, “Prepare yourself and start producing a lot of acids because you need to break this thing down.”

So, let’s say the stomach does that, but then, on a good day, as you’re eating the hamburger, the stomach will send a message back saying, “Alright, we’ve got this under control,” in which case the brain will turn off the message to say, “Produce acid.”

Unfortunately, a lot of times what happens is there can be some interference in that nervous system, in this feedback loop.  In other words, if the tissues aren’t getting the message to the brain, what will the brain continue to do?  Send the message to produce more acid, and so what will happen?  The stomach will get the message and then start to produce more acid.  What happens as a symptom?  What do you get when that happens?

That’s why a lot people, when they seek services from a chiropractor, one of the side effects or benefits of them getting work on their mid-back is they don’t have heartburn anymore.  The reason I bring this is up is because it’s a key component to understanding what optimal health is.  So, let’s talk very briefly about that.

So, Chiropractic First by Dr. Terry Romberg was one of the first chiropractic books I ever read, and before chiropractic college, I suggest you check it out.  In fact, as a gift, I’m going to give every one of you guys a copy of that book.  If you take one, pass it around.

I strongly suggest, if you guys have appreciated the way that Dr. King and I look at the body, then you’ll enjoy this book.  Do we have enough?  You got it?  So, don’t look at it now.  That’s not the textbook for this evening, but I suggest you look at it another time.  It’s a very easy read, a very easy read.

So, there are three areas of optimal health.  I’m just going to touch on this briefly because you need to realize that they exist because we’re working on the nutritional aspect.  Many of you have already experienced positive benefits just by this aspect alone.  So, you, as our chiropractic patients have experienced benefits from that side.  So, many of you are getting a double benefit now like, “I’ve got nutrition improved. I’ve got my neurologic system improved.”  That’s cool.  So, now, you’re even going to get more benefits.

There’s another one, which is emotional.  Emotional is a very big category.  In fact, on this we put stress.  We put finances.  We put our relationship with our higher power.  We put our relationship with our spouse or our business partner or whatever, children.

So, realize that these three key components are really, really what support health.  Any lack thereof, you’re not going to have complete health.  Now, optimal health is not defined as the absence of symptoms.  In other words, please do not define health as, “I feel fine,” because there are thousands of people that have undiagnosed cancer that feel fine. So, realize this.  It’s funny. As you get to know patients as family, you start that you’re working on the emotional side of it, too, but that’s not our cup of tea.

One thing that you need to talk about before you talk about what’s next in your cleansing process is I need feedback.  So, by a nod of head or a show of hands, just give me some feedback because some of you I’ve heard a lot of information from, some of you I have not.  So, who here has noticed improvements in the digestive system?  How about energy improvements?  Sleep improvements? Weight loss?  That’s fantastic.

Let’s play a game on that.  Keep your hand up if you’ve lost 5 pounds, 8 pounds, 10 pounds, 15 pounds. Seriously?

Seriously, 280 to 260.

Wow.  Remember when we started this, I said do not do this to lose weight.  Do this for health.

Who here lost 4 pounds?  I just want to be able to raise my hand.

How about skin improvements?  Have you guys gotten comments from your friends?

I’ve gotten a lot. 

It’s crazy. In fact, your liver is very important.  By the way, thank you for sending me that e-mail.  She sent me this e-mail that was a cartoon about a liver talking about how important I am and how to take good care of me because these are the nine things that I do, right? At the end, it says, “Don’t drink alcohol.  Don’t do this because you’re going to hurt me.” Things like that, but it’s cool because I’m like, “We talked about that.” So, neat.

Skin improvements is one of those things.  Your skin. Your liver will take are of a lot of things that will show up on your skin.  Eczema is one of those things.  As a child with eczema.  It’s a good thing they’ve got some liver stuff going on. Overall, feel better about yourself.  I mean, the fact that you guys have done this thing for 21 days, that’s good stuff.

Alright, so more feedback.  Was this fun?


Are you glad you did it?


Could you see yourself doing the cleanse, again?


Even you? You could see the power of this, just to keep yourself cleaned up. We’re going to talk about the different directions you can go after we’re done tonight, and even seasonal cleanses are quite powerful for you.

More feedback.  So, were the lecture’s reliable?

Yes, definitely.

How important would you say the lectures are to your success with the cleanse?  Very important?


There are many people who are like.  If you can’t make the lecture, we know it’s going to help them by just doing the cleanse, but we know how much more impactful the cleanse will be by them getting this information.  So, there are many faces that you don’t see here that you saw on the first night, and some of you have missed a class here and there that you shouldn’t have missed that really, for you, when you’re checking your list, and you want a list of these certain issues, you’re that much powerful.

So, most you paid about $185 for this program.  Would you say it was worth more?


Wait, do we have to pay more? I don’t know.

Well, I’d say it’s worth more just because of how much time I put into this, but alright.  Do you think the topics shared in the lecture need to be shared with other people?

Yes, definitely. 

It’s crazy stuff, right? I mean, every night, I see your eyes open more and more and more and more as to how you and many of your friends and family are being taken care of by people you’ve entrusted your health with. Hopefully, as a result of us talking for the last however many weeks, you now realize that the person responsible for your health is who?


You, as individuals.  Don’t be afraid or intimidated by a doctor. Be proud of the fact that you’ve done more research about the subject that you have, the condition that you have.  Feel comfortable at talking at that level.  Ask questions.  Put them on the spot.  You’ll find many doctors get very defensive, many.  So, we need your help.

Dr. Pete and I, you guys, when we very first met on the discover day, we talked about how he and I will no longer commit the sin of omission review on this topic of helping someone by sharing with them something that’s potentially life-changing for them.  We want to do that more. In fact, on a much bigger scale.  I mean, imagine the impact it’s going to have on your family.

Danielle. Again, many of you are related to Danielle. Danielle.  She really loves you, guys.  She said, “I need this person to come.”  What can we do?  So, imagine that for your extended family.  Imagine that on your church.  There are churches that are sick, physically, and they need a health message that will get up in there face.

Imagine this is our community. I mean, you guys heard some of the statistics about diabetes last time, about how they think that diabetes is going to be the thing to bankrupt our nation.  So, I think I just saw something in the newspaper pertaining to the Pasadena.  It’s got this huge deficit.  All this crazy stuff.

There’s a documentary about it. It’s called “Food Nation”.

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