Spring Cleaning P2

Is that about the young guy, the chef?

He goes all over.

Yeah.  It’s scary.  Yeah, another show, “Super Size Me”.  Have you guys seen “Super Size Me?”  So, I said we need your help, but really, I want your help.  You know, need is a very basic level. If I say, “I need your help.  Mom, I need you,” it’s more of like a responsibility or you feel obligated because there’s a need relationship to do that so I want your help.  So, that’s a bit higher, but even higher than that is I’d love for you to help to achieve.  There’s no way I can do it all alone.

It’s much easier for someone to listen to us when you say listen to them rather than for me to say listen to me.  Okay.  It’s a third party endorsement.  That’s why many of you guys have showed a testimonial, and we appreciate that because we want to use that to tell other people.  So, can I count on some people’s help here tonight?

So, let’s talk about what’s next.  Are you guys ready?  Here are your options:  You can go back to the old ways and lifestyle.  Who’s on board with that one?  No one, really?

Hugo lost 10 pounds just watching his wife and family.

Ridiculous.  That’s ridiculous. That’s crazy.  Number two:  You want to stay with what you now know and stay in the course?  Anyone interested in that one?


Then, there are those of you who will say, “Really?  How far does this rabbit hole go?” I don’t know if I really want to know, but I’m curious.  So, we’re going to talk about all these options tonight because some of you might say, “Yeah, number one.” So, let’s start that.

So, back to the dark side option.  I’m a Star Wars fan at heart.  By the way, I have a confession.  It was my birthday on Tuesday, and I cheated.  Yes, I cheated.  Yes, I had popcorn.  I love popcorn. I could eat popcorn all day and had some butter, too.  That was good. So, I want to confess that.

It’s okay, Troy.  We love you.

Hi, my name is Troy, and… Oh, come on.

Tomorrow is my other birthday, which is the day I accepted [17:42].  That’s 1993.  It was special.

Okay, so who heard that knowledge is power?  They lied.  Knowledge is not power.  Applying knowledge is power.  You guys now have the knowledge.  You guys already applied that, and you guys can see and experience benefits.  So, the fact that you guys, if you want to go back to the dark side, it’s okay.  The fact that you know something is huge.  The ability now to do the seasonal cleanse.  You have the awareness.  You have an idea of what is possible.

So, if you choose to go down the unhealthy eating lifestyle, it’ll just take a crisis for you to make a change, but now, when or if that crisis occurs, you now say, “Well, I remember this.  I think I’m ready to do this now.”  So, that’s a big thing.

So, that’s how we’re going to talk about that.  Next, let’s talk about staying the course. So, a few things we’re going to talk about staying the course because people are asking a lot of questions about this after the third week.  “What are we going to do after 21 days?”

So, if you kept living like this, just the way you are right now in this phase, your completion phase number two, you guys would be amazingly more healthy in three months, in nine months, a year, two years.  With the statistics that every cell in your body changes after how long? I can’t remember the statistics.

Seven years including nerves. 

So, it’s crazy.  Your body’s replacing itself.  Eating the right stuff, that DNA and RNA, I don’t mean to lose anyone of you, but if it’s got better building blocks, if it’s got less toxins that it’s exposed to, it will be better, stronger, faster.

So, if you were just to keep living like this, long term results are freaking.  Important question:  Can I still [20:12]?  Yes, you can.  We’ll talk about that.  In fact, I got that a couple of times today. Food selection process, we’re going to talk about that tonight.  We’ve got a couple of things to help you with that and the last diet, we’re going to talk about that, if you want to stay in the course.

So, let’s go for it.  Daily Clearavite.  This is what I did.  This is my personal program after I’ve done the whole thing.  Clearavite, in case you guys haven’t seen it before. It’s a great nutritional support.  It’s a great probiotic. I mean, you guys have heard enough commercials about probiotics and how important they are.  Your family might be pushing you, “You’ve got to take stuff. It’s a cure.  It’s amazing.”  So, it’s a great probiotic.  It’s a great digestive food.  It’s even got enzymes to help you digest the food better.  So, there’s a lot of good things in here.

Please understand, and I know I told you this before, it is not a meal replacement program.  So, this is not like I’m just going to get my Clearavite in the morning and I’m out.  It’s better than nothing, but there’s much more to it.  Clearavite in a canister by itself is $69.26.  One canister should last you 21 days on one serving a day, and you order it as needed from us.

You guys ready to take some notes on this one?  Okay, so food reintroduction process.

Can you do the shake without the pills?

Yes. Yes, Clearavite, you’re not taking the supplements.  Okay, so, here we go.  Step number one, list all the foods you want or need to have back in your diet and order them, the ones you miss the most on the top of your list.  Can you do that?  So, let me help you guys with that.  Here’s a list that I’ve put together that I’ve used.

Alright, the list.  What you have there is a complete list of the things that you guys already removed from your diet based on the plans or you were supposed to anyway.  Okay.  So, this is a process that I use.  It’s kind of my order that I have them back in because this is the order of things that I love the most.  So, we’re going to go through that in just a second.  We’ll come back to that list. You don’t need to look at it right now.

So, step number two, once you have that list, add one back to your diet.  I need to have you guys listen very carefully here.  You guys are at a very critical point.  You guys have just finished 21 days of a food elimination diet.  You’ve removed pizza, removed hamburgers, fried chicken, onion rings. So many of the things that you love and enjoy have been out of your diet for the last 21 days.

So, here’s what tends to happen when people are deprived of something that they love and desire for 21 days.  Eat it all the next day.  You say, “I’m just going to add one thing back to my diet.  I’m just going to add pizza.” Pizza’s got cheese.  It’s got the gluten, the tomatoes, so right there.

So, when I said this is the hardest part, the hardest part is being patient with the process. So, I want to stress to you the importance of taking these and just adding things back in slowly.  If you really want to ride the biggest benefit of this cleanse, do it this way.

For how long?

I will explain it later.  Hold your horses.  You guys are bad, chomping at the pizza.  So, how many are you going to add back at a time?


Okay, so you add that one back.  You observe how you feel for how long? Three to four days post-consumption of that food.  So, on the list, my number one item was dairy.  I love cheese. I mean, I’m like half-Wisconsin.  That’s just how we roll.

So, what I would do is add that back in. See how you feel.  I’ll give you an example in a second, but I can eat that for two, three, four days.  Usually by the third day, if you haven’t had any symptoms, you’re good.

What kind of symptoms are you talking about?

Hold on.

I have a question.

I don’t know if I want to answer it.

So, if you cheese, does that mean you can’t have milk?

Great question.  Let me clarify.  Hold that thought.

Number four, if you have no adverse, no bad reaction, I’ll explain what that means in a second, add another food.  So, if you’re golden for that day three or day four, guess what?  Yes, you can add tomatoes.  So, this is my list.  So, you guys can swap it around.

However, if you have an adverse effect, this is where it gets tricky.  You need to remove that good again from your diet.  For how long?  Seven days.  Assuming now that your gut’s working better, you’ve got to purge it out again from your system for seven days. So, if you have that chocolate milkshake and your body just reacted to it, you’ve got to stop with the milk for seven days, get back to symptom-free at that point because at this point, you’re being very observant to how you’re feeling.  This is really the best way to regulate and see how you’re doing.  Assuming that you feel better after seven days, then you add it back in, and you just repeat that process.

So, let’s talk about the list, and I’ll answer the questions that you guys gave in a second.  So, dairy products.  You asked the question, does that include everything dairy?  Yes and no.  Milk and cheese are different forms of the same thing.

Some cheeses are processed in a certain way, too.  Certain catalysts are added.  So, you might actually be sensitive to the catalysts that are in the cheese but not the milk.  For example, I’m fine with milk and cheese, but if I eat yogurt, the next day I will break out.  There’s something in the yogurt.  I don’t know what it is.  That’s just from my experience of observing what and how I eat, and I encourage you guys to all get there. It’s like when we go have a cheeseburger, I know what to expect.  I will feel lousy the next day or something like that.

Eggs. Eggs are pretty easy, but it is in fact one of the top, these four here are the top food sensitivities out there. These are the ones that we can actually test for.  In fact, I even indicated on your form that these are the ones where a test can be given.  This test right here can be given in which case you will take the vial out.  There’s a [01:09] inside.  You soak up your saliva, mail it in the laboratory.  They send me the results which looks something like this.  It’s a form that looks like that, or they’ll e-mail me the results.  I’ll let you know if you’re sensitive to that food.

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