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Do you know in eggs, is it the white or the?

I don’t know.  Gluten-containing foods.  This is a big category.  So, wheat, oats, rye, barley.  By the way, barley is found in what substance?  Alcohol.  Beer, specifically, and soy products.  Soy also falls in that category.  Some people are fine with tofu, but if they drink soy milk, they have some kind of reaction.  So, you have to think about how you are with consuming that.  Yes?

If you don’t have allergies to gluten-containing products, is it still better health-wise to not eat?

That’s a great question.  If I’m not sensitive to gluten, in other words if I know for sure I’m not sensitive to gluten based on laboratory results, is it still healthier for me to avoid?  The answer is yes.  It takes a lot for the body to process.  Great question.

Other foods.  Tomatoes and sauces.  Corn, including corn tortillas.  Peanuts.  Beef.  Pork.  Bacon. Shellfish.  Processed foods.  Hot dogs.  Canned meat sauces.  Meat substitutes.  Food additives and MSG.  This list is an order of things that I enjoy.  Notice that peanuts, pork, shellfish are italics, and there is a big old bracket.

So, I’m not a fan.  The Old Testament in Leviticus is not a fan.  So, the Jewish are not a fan.  It’s considered unclean foods, well peanuts not so much but the pork and shellfish, and these peanuts and shellfish are known to have allergic responses.  Now, the people can actually die by eating peanuts if they’re allergic to it.  People can actually with shellfish by eating it.  That should give you some indication that it’s not a great thing for you to consume.

Why are peanuts bad?  I get organic peanuts. I don’t get organic peanuts.  Both are bad.  Let me explain this.  The peanut shell or the peanut grows in a shell. In that shell, fungus grows. They cannot prevent that fungus from growing unless they use pesticide.  That pesticide is toxic for you.  So, you want the fungus, which is unhealthy for you, or do you want the chemical? Both are bad.


Okay. So, you avoid it.  Do so. I mean, we all love almond butter now, right? Well, there’s a cashew butter, too.

Is it okay if I eat almonds instead of peanuts?

Totally fine.  Almonds, cashews, all those other things that you’ve probably been eating.

Pork.  When we were in El Salvador, I stayed with a family, and the family owned a pig farm.  They said, based on American standards, the most clean facility.  They said, “you want to visit?”  Seriously? No way.  I’m not eating pork, but pork.  We don’t need to go over the whole parasite, right?

Alright.  Shellfish of all types are bottom feeders.  They clean the bottom of the ocean.  That’s what they do.  So, realize that.

Most poop sinks.

Most poop sinks.  Then, processed foods.  You have to be very careful with processed foods. Hot dogs.  I’m not a very big fan of hot dogs.  Canned meat, you guys are probably consuming a lot of canned meat if you guys go out to eat.  Most restaurants used canned meat.

And the food is microwaved.

And the food is microwaved.  Have you worked in food service before?

For a very, very long time.

Yes. Meat substitutes.  Sausage, by the way, be careful of sausage.  There’s a lot of things in sausage.  If you know a person that works with sausage, but be careful.  Meat substitutes, I’m not a very big fan of that. A lot vegetarians consume meat substitutes and food additives.  There’s a huge list. You see hydro-blank when read ingredients.  You see hydrolyzed blank.  Be careful with those things as well.

Okay.  So, that’s all we need to go over with the list.  Use it.  Everyone’s going to be a little bit different so if you guys are a family and you guys are adding these things back together, someone realizes this could complicate things because the last 21 days, you guys have been eating pretty much the same thing.  Well, if someone’s sensitive to eggs but the other two people are not, you’ve got to realize, “Are we going to wait for this person to get cleaned up before we add it back on or are we going to leave her in the dusk because I want my X, Y, Z?” So, you’ve got to realize that dynamic exists.  That’s why this is a tough part of the recuperation process.  Yes?

Hot dogs.  What if they’re turkey dogs?

Even them.  You’ve got to be careful.  Hot dogs.  Processed foods have nitrites in them.  Be careful.

Even kosher ones?

Even kosher ones have some nitrites in it so you’ve got to look at it and see.  I mean, Whole Foods got some awesome varieties of sausages, of hot dogs, all sorts of good things.  So, if you guys ever want to take a trip to Whole Foods, I can meet you guys there, and we can have this tour or something.  The other name of Whole Foods is Whole Paycheck because it’s not cheap.  When you’re there, you’re like, “Oh, look at this gluten-free stuff.” Yes?

I was a little confused.  If you find that you’re a little sensitive to something, is it you wait seven days of just not eating it or anything else?

Exactly. So, that’s a great question.  Let’s talk about that actually. For example, it’s like you led me this way.  Let’s add milk back to the diet, not cereal, milk and your health oats, Quaker Oats.  No, no, no.  That’s too much. Adding milk back into the equation somehow, some way.

So, for up to three days, you may feel symptoms that include fatigue, gasp, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, body aches, headache, sleep disturbances.  You can feel those different things, and that’s not even the exhaustive list.  Everyone’s a little bit different. You’ve got to really listen to your body now.  I mean, this last week has been pretty easy for most of you guys.


I’m sorry.  Rashes?

If you get rashes?

No, that’s not.  We’ve got to talk more about that, but could you have rashes as a result of this?  Yes, you could have rashes as a result of this, skin issues, breaking out like me with the yogurt. Okay.  So, be observant to what’s going on with your body.  Irritability also.

So, if you have an adverse reaction, you want to remove that food for seven days again.  In other words, you’re in this process.  Okay, so I’ve gone through this process.  Now, it’s time for me to add milk back in again. Alright, I had milk.  I’ve been having milk for a day.  The third day, uh oh, I don’t like this. I’ve got to step back.  I’ve got to throw the milk away from my system. At that level that you were, and then after the seven days of symptom-free, not seven days after your symptom.  So, you have to be symptom-free for seven days.  Then, you can add in something else.  Tomatoes.  So, no sooner than seven days, right?

So, at that point, you would be considered sensitive to milk?


So, the idea is for you guys to observe and leave it alone. 

Yes, identify the food sensitivities.  Now, many of you guys may be thinking, “I don’t want to wait. I just want to take that little kit that you held up front and find out what I’m sensitive to.”  You can do that, but realize that you still have to go through this same process to really get the full grasp of what you’re sensitive to because that list has much more than the top four.

By the way, any questions on that? Has everyone got it?  I need you guys to get that.  Yes?

So, the whole pizza issue.  You can’t have a piece of pizza?  You have to do tomatoes, cheese, bread?

Exactly.  This is, again, why this space-free guys, tomorrow, is so dangerous for you because you’re like, “I’m free,” and if your choice is not to go back to the dark side, you want to stay in the course, then you have to do it the right way.  The right way is not to jump on pizza because pizza’s got the gluten from the crust.  It’s got the cheese, and it’s got tomato sauce.  If you put pepperoni on it, it’s got the pork, sausage.  You’ve got a lot of stuff there.  So, you’ve got to be systematic about it.

So, yes.  This will take some time for you, but you do it once.  You do it right.  You won’t have to do it again.  That’s the cool thing about it.  If you plan on living for more than a year, which should be everyone here in this room, three months is nothing compared to the amount of time that you’ll be living with this lifestyle.  So, put it in perspective.

By the way, you guys have heard me talk about eating a cheeseburger or eating pizza.  To live some lifestyle, you have to realize that there’s some premium.  When you go out for a party or something, you want to enjoy the party.  You don’t want to be like so against it unless you are really sick against something.  My mother, her reaction to gluten, she’ll vomit because she’s so sensitive to it.

So, you have to realize where you are and what price you’re willing to pay. My will when I help people lose weight is get clean, get good. Once you kind of know your system, live the 90%.  The 10% diet if you will.  Every 10 days, you can eat as bad as you want.  So, for nine days, though, you’ve got to be on.  So, you start scheduling every 10 days. You start looking forward, “Hey, were are we going this 10th day? Here, here, and here,” and I just want to be loving it and sick because when you have those experiences like, “I feel so nasty right now. I can’t believe I ate all that. I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I’ll do it in 10 days again.”

When you have a negative or adverse reaction to these different things, it hits home to like, “I just want to stay.  It’s not worth it for me.  I’m not going to feel good about it,” unless you’ve got a close friend, a business partner that will say, “Let’s go.  My treat.”  It goes both ways.

So, remember what you’ve learned.  Realize that you being clean for the past 21 days, you’ve had no alcohol, I hope, no caffeine, I hope, and no sweets, I hope.  If you’ve been that tight, then that’s awesome.  So, have you ever eaten this healthy before?


No, never?

Maybe as a baby.

Maybe as a baby.  You know, if you’re being breastfed, yeah, but when you’re that small, you don’t have a choice.  Right? Unfortunately, there’s things are terribly given to children at too early an age, a whole other topic, but realize that you guys have achieved something for your health.  Very impressive.

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