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What happens is when the body digestive system begins to break down we lose our ability to digest well and we lose our ability to detoxify well?  What do we do? We just say, don’t eat wheat and don’t eat dairy.

If the reason that you could digest wheat and airy in your twenties and now you cant digest it in your forties and fifties let say, what went wrong?

Did the wheat and dairy get that bad?

There is some of that for sure but it is still digestible.


What I would suggest is that if you have trouble digesting wheat and dairy or even fried food or fatty food and you avoid those foods that’s sort of like you can only eat and keep yourself pure to a certain extent. There is heavy metals, mercury for example that comes from coal mine plumes that cover all the organic vegetables and how you wash them they’re still there and if you cant eat wheat, dairy or fry foods you’re not going to be able to break down that mercury, its going to come in through here, its going to back in the liver and your blood and potentially into your brain and its actually very real and its happening a lot.


Stay with me for a minute and you’ll see exactly how this works.  Let’s say how man of you is having trouble eating wheat or dairy? One of the things that I want to do tonight is give you strategies, not only the detox bout to reset digestion because if we go ahead and detox all the fat cell right here, where do they go? Where do all the toxins go? We know for a fact that they are stores in your fat cells that is pretty much documented, even DDT from probably forty years ago is probably in our fat cells today and they can stay in there for a lifetime.


If you go pulling them out where do they go? The reason why they got there in the first place was why?  Because the liver didn’t know what to do with them, it was overwhelmed. Wouldn’t it make sense before we go shoveling out stuff out of our fat calls that we make sure that the liver knows what to do with it and that the villi are happy and the lymph system is functional and the detox an d the digestive pathways are optimal.


When these toxins come into your liver, the liver gets congested and what happens is your bile becomes thicker and congested. When your bile becomes thick and your bile becomes congested you don’t digest fats. We become lousy fat burners and many things happen when you become a lousy fat burner. We are supposed to be phenomenally fat burners, that’s what humans do they can go days without food; now I cant go hours without food. We’ve been told we should eat every two – three hours that have never happened before in the history of mankind. Matter of fact if you go to Europe and Italy they don’t do that. Most cultures don’t doo that; most of us were raised not to east snacks.


One of the things that happens when we become a lousy fat burner our bile becomes congested and we don’t burn our fat that well s we are forced too eat more frequently and when we eat more frequently there’s some issues with that and I’ll show you here.


If you have breakfast and then you have lunch and then you have supper, then you have a snack, like some nuts or an apple in between breakfast and lunch you’re going to burn the snack or the apple. If you have another snack in between lunch or supper you’re going to burn the nuts. If you want your body to burn fat wheat it should do is between breakfast and lunch it should burn fat and between lunch and supper it should burn fat and all night long it should bun the fat and break the fast with breakfast, that’s how it’s generally designed most cultures have been doing it that way for years.


Today, studies have shown that Americans, particularly westerners are not going into a fat metabolism at night any longer, they’ve lost their ability to be good fat burners. If you give the body meal-snack, meal-snack, meal-snack why would the body go into the hassle of burning it’s own fat? That’s the body will do it will get use to eating meal-snack, meal-snack, meal-snack. No question that if your blood sugar is really high and crashing if you open up a text book of medicine you’re going to see that the medicinal diet for that is eat three meals per day or six meals per day, little meals all day long and that will keep your blood pressure from going too high or too low but it will never get you back to being a good fat burner. You’ll never get the body to go from breakfast all the to lunch, all the way to supper, from supper all the way to breakfast and become a good fat burner.

Fat burner means you sleep through out the night really well. The second most common reason that people cant sleep at night is because they’re a lousy fat burner.


When people crave food during the day sugar, candy, Starbucks whatever it might be is because we’re not having energy that is stable throughout the day. One of the best thing about being a fat burner Is that you’re turning over the fat cells, forcing your body to detoxify and turn the soil but if you eat meal-snack, meal-snack, meal-snack why would the body be burning it’s own fat? Turning the soil it doesn’t do it.


We slowly feel better for a while, our pressure is not high or low so we feel a little stable but we don’t get the bodies back into a good fat burner, we don’t have a robust, long lasting endurance and energy that we really need.


I wrote an article comparing the research snaking six times per day vs. snacking three times per day, if your interested in that and I only have an hour and I actually want to teach you guys how to reset digestion and detox tonight    but I wrote an article about that and I did the research and I was shocked that there was no research out there that really proves having six meals per day works. People e says it revs up your metabolism and it increases thermogenesis, it makes you lose weight better, it’s simply not true there’s just no research to back it up. In our newsletter what we do is we put out twice per week a blog that cites some research and then we try to critique it and then once per week a pretty lengthy article that is well referenced and we usually talk about ancient <inaudible > principles and prove them with modern science. I really do as best as I can to really scrub and look at the research and I just couldn’t find anything to prove that the snacking was really that great.


For hyperglycemia it’s a medicinal diet but once you get your medicine and you get better don’t we get off the medicine?  Isn’t that what we should be going?  But we don’t in our culture anymore we get medicines and we stay on it for the rest of our lives.  It’s very important for us to realize that we can create a level of stability by becoming fat burners.


Here’s what happens, you bile becomes thick, you start craving more food, you don’t feel that good because you’re constantly feeling hungry


<Adjust presentation material> <demonstrates>


Here’s your liver and here’s your stomach and your stomach is producing acid and your liver is producing bile, when the acid comes into your small intestines the bile neutralized and your pancreases is over here and its also involved in neutralizing those assets but what if you have lots of stress banging away at your gut, the villi have gotten flattened out, your lymph system has gotten g congested and these toxins that the liver dumped here have been dumped back here, the bile has gotten thick and now you’re not producing  as much bile as you once did. What’s going to happen? You’re going to not be able to digest fats that well. You’re going to eat greasy food and feel terrible, you’re going to feel sick to your stomach, and it’s going to bloat you, possibly make you feel nauseous. If you feel any of those tings when you eat a really hard to digest creamy meal and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t eat these foods, I’m just saying that these hard to digest meals are sort of a test to see how strong your digestion is and therefore how well you are detoxifying.  If you’re not digesting well   then you’re not detoxifying good and that’s sort of a silent calculations of toxins that down the road can cause some real problems.

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