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If the bile is not being produced well you’re not going to do well with fatty foods. The stomach acids that get produced here after a while if there is not enough acids to neutralize it a couple of things are going to happen, the stomach is going to say hey there is no bile down there we cant let that acid leave so as a result we just leave the acid in the stomach and its going to cause heartburn, reflux, gird a major problems that affects about 20% of the population and the acid builds up in your stomach and reflexes up into your esophagus and maybe cause some real problems.


What else happens is the stomach assays hey I have all this acid here t, there’s no bile here to neutralize it, turn off the fire, so your stomach acids begins to dial down now you don’t digest wheat, dairy, hard t digest proteins.  You see gluttons and proteins should be broken down here it should never see your villi and when it does its an irritant, it will rip your guts to shreds and cause lymphatic congestion and all kids of bloating and gas, all sorts of bad stuff will happen.


If you have good stomach acids the glutton gets broken down here and never sees or irritates the villi. The casin in dairy never gets broken down here and irritates the intestinal tract and cause problems but if you have weak digestion or you cant digest the things there’s a good chance that we have a digestive fire that has been turned down can lead to the lack of bile flow. If you have lack of bile flow you’re going to have probably a related amount of less acid production. So we need to turn the fire back on but we cant turn the fire back on because the body turned it off for a reason and the reason is there is no bile. Now I think how do I turn this back on, how do I decongest my bile and how do I heal my intestinal tract and decongest my lymphatic system.

If we d all that then we are ready to become a good detoxifier. For the inside of your intestinal tract there is a lot of things that you can do and like I said the spring is providing a great opportunity just by eating the bitter roots, drinking tea, making burdock tea and dandelion root tea and all these bitter roots that we don’t eat to scrub the intestinal villi. Other things that are great scrubbers from intestinal villi and even healing agents for your intestinal villi are tumerics; turmeric’s a great herb for that.


If you have any types of mucus in your school and sometimes we talk about how the gut can get dry and the reaction to excess dryness is it produce excess mucus and the mucus can produce looser stools so sometimes we have too loose or too dry intestinal tract. If you’re too loose then you want to nourish and lubricate the intestinal tract and things like slippery elm and marshmallow root and licorice root are herbs that are nourishing and lubricating for the intestinal tract.


Turmeric is great d for the liver, its great for the intestinal villi and its great for your lymph, these are foods you can begin to eat a lot around this time of the year. The outside of your gut wall for the lymphatic system there’s lots of herbs for that. There’s a herb called red root and that’s exactly what it is a red root and like I said everything that is reed is good for your lymph. Beets in the winter are lymph mover, cranberries are lymph movers, cherries and berries and all of the things that they use traditionally to make dyes with are antioxidants and therefore great lymph movers. When you think about getting you lymph to move this is b very important.


The other thing that lymph needs to function well is hydration. Most of us are probably dehydrated and the best arabaric technique to get your lymph to move is this crazy technique of sipping hot water. Just plain old hot water and sipping it 10-15 minutes every day, boil the water, put it in a thermos and sip it throughout the day it creates a vassal, dilation, hydration, it scrubs the villi, it increases the productivity of the villi so that you can have better flow of your lymphatic system. If you do that everyday for two weeks it’s a powerful rehydration technique plus drinking regular amounts of 6-8 glasses of water everyday, we call it a rehydration technique.  A great thing to do wright now in preparation for springtime because we are at the driest time of the year, get water and start drinking.


I always tell my patients and they look at me and go “ what, you want me to drink hot water every 10-15 minutes for two weeks? Have you lost your mind?” and I say can you just do it for one day, boil some water in the morning, fill it up in a thermos and sip it all day long for one day and see how you feel.  If at the end of that one day your thirsting for hot water then you’re going to be more motivated to do it for the next thirteen days.


Most folks actually do it for one day, its like you pour hot water on leather and it starts to soften and absorbs the water that’s exactly what happens, you realize how thirsty you are.  How many of you drink water and it feels like it gives right through you?  This is a way you can begin to feel like you’re rehydrating yourself. I have been teaching this technique for may years now and I cant even begin to tell you how many people write me and email me to tell me just how amazing the results were juts by sipping hot water and that’s a great lymphatic mover.


Probably one of the best decongestions for your bile is beets and radishes, cinnamon and all your leafy greens arte really important. I always tell my patients that they should opt or aim to get about two-thirds of their plate green vegetables, one –third of your meal are split between protein and starch. Always have a balanced meal. Proteins, starch and veggies are there but the vegetables are more important, particularly if you are trying to become a better detoxifier. Why? Because when you eat lots of greens and I’m talking about chewing them as oppose to juicing them because when you juice them you just get all the cellulose they left behind because the cellulose even though we don’t digest it, it does something vey important.


Inside your liver you have bile and the bile is like a little Pac man. It goes around grabbing cholesterol, grabbing heavy metals, grabbing toxins and t gets loaded with all these fat soluble yuck and when you eat some fatty foods it gets shoved into your intestinal tract. Once it’s in there it starts to scrub yucky toxins of f your instestinal villi. It’s cleaning and multiplying facts and when cellulose comes in the intestinal tract it attaches unto to the cellulose and the cellulose takes it to the toilet and its gone.


If you don’t have enough cellulose in your diet, up to 94% of those toxins bile with all the yucky cholesterol goes right back into your liver, right back into your blood and right back into your fat or stays in your blood as bad cholesterol and damages your arteries.


We have the identical digestive system as a gorilla and there’s only one animal on the planet we can take ours and swap out ours for theirs is a gorilla. They eat more than half their body weight in vegetables per day, that’s about a hundred pounds of vegetables per day, they don’t do a whole lot else but eat all day long but they have an identical digestive system.


I’m not saying that wee should eat that much. Even the best of <inaudible> expert say 1-2 pounds of vegetables is a lot but realistically how many vegetables do we really eat? You cant get enough of it and the more cellulose we chew on and when you chew it by the way its really valuable because chewing actually is a different kind of brain chemistry. Here in Colorado they actually give kids chewing gum before standardized test to take test because studies show that chewing increases brain capacity and cognitive function. When you don’t chew and you think abut most of the foods that we eat is chewing really necessary? I mean like scrambled eggs do you have to chew it? When you think about the foods we eat how much of it is really chewing? It’s really important to have you green vegetables chewed so the cellulose can go and carry that bile to the toilet. I cant begin to tell you how important that it is otherwise its going straight back into the liver.

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