Spring Detox P5


Your liver is involved not only into getting rid of your fats, not only in making sure that energy lasts a long time, not only in detoxify but your body is involved in regulating your blood sugar and your blood sugar you always think of pancreas. A vast majority of your blood sugar regulation takes place in your liver.  You have two things happening, you have your pancreas coming through here and your bile coming through here and if the bile ducts are congested, the pancreatic duct before it enters into the intestinal tract that’s what it does, it hooks up with our bile duct. If you have congested bile and you don’t digest fats very well and you’ve avoided them and I cant tell you how many patients I’ve asked “ how do you deal when you eat fried, greasy food” and they go “ I have no idea, I have no idea how I would do that because I haven’t eaten it in thirty year and when I really dig in we find that when I did eat heaver food s it didn’t fell so good so I don’t eat them anymore.”  That’s what I don’t want you to say; it’s not good enough.  Not feeling f good with those heavier food will turn off your digestive fire and a combination of getting this turn off that will congest your bile, your pancreatic and your enzymes will flow very well. Now you have a decrease in digestive e enzymes and everybody says well just take digestive enzymes, as you get older you don’t make them and you don’t need digestive enzymes   that’s is so not true.


In fact if you take a lot of digestive enzymes with a lot of amalays in them, if you look at your enzyme bottle and it says amalays , guess what amalyas does, it injects sugar into the blood stream which is t ever last thing we want.

In a culture where half of the American population is pre diabetic, you have one hundred million Americans pre diabetic as we speak, nineteen million of them according to the CDC don’t know they’re diabetic.


The experts say in the next ten years every adult Americans will be pre diabetic. I’m really a bog fan of knowing your blood sugar. If there is one thing you can do to make sure you ward off heart disease, which is the number one killer in America and the number one cause of the number one killer, is blood sugar. The numbers for blood sugar are important and I’m going to show you something that is really important.


When you go to the doctor and that take your blood sugar fasting, the goal of your glucose should be between seventy and eighty five milligrams per   gasolier, that’s where you want to be. Anything greater than one hundred is pre diabetes. Many labs don’t even screen you until one sixteen or one ten, most of them now are going to one hundred but nobody says a word to you if you’re numbers are ninety nine.


There are many studies that show when your numbers are just over eighty five, not over a hundred which is pre diabetes and one hundred millions Americans are there, if you are over just eight five you have a forty percent increased risk of dying of a heart attack or stroke. They just tell you with forty three thousand non diabetic men eighty percent were over eighty five, so when you think about the numbers who’s left? A couple years ago we sourced these little, cheap, hospital approved glucometers and I started giving my patients and asking them to test and I tell you what almost everybody was pre diabetic. The study was just right on and I’m a big believer of go buying a fifteen cent glucometer, take your blood sugar in the morning and not wait ten, fifteen years from now for your doctor to tell you your blood sugar is a little bit high.  If they’re over eighty-five they’re high and here’s what happens.  When the sugar goes high in your blood and why does it go high in the blood, because your lover got congested, your intestinal villi got congested, your lymph got congested, your bile got congested, your stomach fire got turned off and you know you don’t digest well and if you don’t digest wheat and fry food very well, like I said I’m bot saying you should it but if you cant digest it your digestion/ detox is compromised, your liver got congested and now we have a problems. The blood sugar starts to creep up a d starts rising and when that happens and the blood sugar goes into your blood the number one thing it does is it goes to your brain.  The brain uses sugar and there is an enzyme in the brain that gets rid of sugar but that same enzyme get rid of the plaque in the brain to so if you spend the next twenty years eating whatever you want sugars, molasses, all these kinds of things and we think we’re healthy; I was looking at this morning while I was in the store with my wife, we hadn’t had lunch and we were at a track meet and we wanted to gets something and lets just see what this protein shake would have, some kind of pre mixed protein shake , sixteen ounces, eight serving sixe on the label, twenty eight grams of sugar for eight ounces. The whole bottle that was not that big wash fifty-two grams of sugar I was like your kidding me right. I said let me try the pomegranate juice, thirty three grams of sugar for whatever the serving size was and I was like, we see there are so many hidden sugar and when that rises in your blood sugar just a little bit the enzyme that is trying to get the sugar out is snot available to take the plaque out and the plaque stay s residual in your brain tissue and it can set you up for cognitive issue, Alzheimer’s and different type of Parkinson’s and things down the road.


Alzheimer’s is basically diabetes of the brain and it completely reversible if you know what your blood sugar is now in your twenties and thirties and forties and don’t let it get to be a hundred and ten or a hundred and twenty. You go out for dinner have a glass of wine, you go home and the next morning check your sugar and see that’s its at 110 “I know what didn’t work for me “ so the next day you go home and you eat a really good meal, really look carb meal you got to bed and t you get a good nights sleep, you get up and your numbers are in the low eighties and you “ yes, that’s good”. You’ll begin to scrub and know exactly what works for your lifestyle and what doesn’t work for you. I tell you what, its just taking responsibility for health because what happens when that blood sugar goes up directly into the fat, so it makes us fat, belly fat mostly, it goes right into your liver and causes cholesterol problems so cholesterol levels start to creep up and the very worst thing it does is it goes right into your liver and it glaciates. So what happens is the sugar goes into your blood and it sticks it proteins, the sugar and the protein clump together and they clump with special proteins collagens and elastin, the two that makes your skin youthful but when your skin outside begins to age or becomes thin its due to a process called glaciation because your protein and you sugars are sticking and clumping and now the circulation of your protein and sugar into the very distal refine cappers isn’t good. The lymphatic drainage becomes congested and the skin starts to look yucky, you start to lose complexion, you start to wrinkle prematurely because there’s a good chance that your blood is creeping up and you have no idea because nobody told you and you really need to look at that. It’s just a simple easy thing to do.


When these sugars begin to clump to these proteins they also become extremely damaging to the arteries and you have skin that lines your arteries and when you damage that with what are called advanced glaciation in end products, they are the number one cause of the generation and the disease, free radicals and what are called AGEP, advanced glaciation end product from sugar proteins are our nemesis, we really don’t want to have it.


When we look at sight of chronic diseases, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, heart disease you may see advance glaciation end product, that’s what they find there and its due to high sugar and now you begin to see that high sugar came from a digestive system that went south many, many years ago. One thing you want to do is get a glucometer, check it out and make sure you’re good and you begin to know hat diet, what foods work, what foods don’t work, its fascinating, it sorts of forces your into a good life.


We know how to get the bile to move and now we got to learn how to turn the digestive fire back on.  You can turn the digestive fire back on in many ways. You can use things like ginger, if you’re at a restaurant and you’re sitting there and you want to stimulate your digestive fire then take a little bit of salt, that makes your fire hot, take a little bit of pepper, put it in a glass, mix it with a little bit of water and drink it down, order your food and fifteen minutes later your digestive fire is turned on. Salt, pepper and water, it’s found on every restaurant table in a pinch turn your fire right back on. If you’re eating late at night you just have a pinch of that and you turn it back on, it’s so simple.

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