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When you drink a big glass of water fifteen minutes before the meal, on the other side of the stomach there’s a buffer that’s about 80% water, so if you drink a lot of water twenty minutes, fifteen minutes before the meal that hydrates that buffer and the body is like the buffer is here, lets cook some food, lets make some acid. If you add some salt and pepper tot hat you fore up some acid. I wrote an article called ten ways to fire up your digestion. There are ten way different tips and   home remedies that you can do, go read the article and fire up your digestion.


I read in five or six articles on the liver that it can increase bile flow so you can read more on how to do that on your own and there are tons of articles on the lymph. The lymph is sort of my pet peeve. I love talking about the lymph because nobody talks about it unless you have cancer and it’s the most important system in the body, its your number one detox pathway and in <inaudible> it’s the first thing we treat, it’s the drains and if the drains are clogged your body is going to congest and back up and its going to go right to your liver, your liver is going to congest and that’s the problem because now you cant detox and now you cant regulate sugar. Of course that shuts down your fire down and your digestive fire becomes weak and then you can’t digest hard to digest stuff.


What I want to do is teach you a cleanse that is in this short home cleanse booklet, this is a free booklet, its like twenty five pages in here and you can go and download it for free. It tells you how to cleanse and what to cleanse, you can do it with stuff from the health food store, there are some herbal recommendations that I make but there is also give some alternatives you can get from your local health food store you don’t have to buy a thing from us to get this. This is something I put on my website and if you go to my website you’ll see that we are really about just putting a lot of knowledge out there so you can get your health back. Of course we sell products, we sell kits that’s how we make our living but there’s so much free information and that’s really out main thrust and if you’ve been on our site you’ll know.  Download this thing because this is what I’m going to be talking about right now and if you want to do the cleanse and its something I would highly recommend you downloading.


This is a four day cleanse, a simple four day cleanse and our <inaudible> cleanse is a two week cleanse where we do digestive reset and we detoxify the body after we’ve reset digestion but for the four day cleanse it’s a simple detox. If you do the thins that I’ve been talking about so far, eating the bitter roots and the greens, berries, cherries and get the body for detox you can do this on your own.


The way we do a cleanse in <inaudible> is we help the body burn fat, that’s our big thing help the body burn fat and become a better fat burner. I should say that when we help the body burn fat we not only getting rid of toxic chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, environmental toxins, we’re getting rid of molecules of emotion. In <inaudible> medicine it has been shown that old, toxin mental patterns of behavior are actually locked away in fat b cells and they remotely make and let us think to the same dumb stuff again and again in our life. If you don’t detoxify these fat cells, I hope you know that its or crazy mine of ours that lets us do the same stuff and bangs away at our gut and rips our gut to shreds and cause all these digestive stuff to break down. If we don’t take a look at how this d stress is banging away at the the gut its sort of futile. When we do the <inaudible > cleanse and a couple of our other cleanses I talk a lot about the <inaudible> psychology piece because what’s happening when you become a good fat burner, all of a sudden this molecule of emotion that we created in our mind and stored in our fat cells are now being shoved out of the fat into circulation so we have more awareness of those old patterns of behavior so we can take transformational action steps and free ourselves from some of these patterns. Lot of folks say what is that,  “molecules of emotions in my fat is that real? Did you make that up?”  Well I didn’t make that up, somebody made it up five thousand years ago and that’s interesting is that they’re right. Now at NIH they’ve found done research, they have found that little peptides, little proteins carry emotions, they carry it all around the body concentrated in certain places like your breathing, your brain, your skin, your spine different places these are concentrated.  The receptors that receive these emotional peptides are the exact same receptors that deceive your endocrine peptides that carry your immune systems, you endocrine system all your hormones; all your nervous system receptors are all the same ones. So what we actually have according to research at the NIH is that we have this information network in our body and all these different systems endocrine, immune systems psychology all use the same receptors.


If you don’t have, you have some old toxic thing, emotion person in your life that you cant release that makes you contract and get angry and irritated then that blocked emotion can block the whole flow of this information network and literally cause disease according to the research at NIH.


Five thousand years ago in <inaudible> they said toxin emotions can block he flow of the subtle energy pathways and literally cause disease; its almost as if they were saying the exact same thing when I read the research so make no mistake about it when you detox it helps the body be a really good fat burner. You’re getting the body to take a deeper look at itself and that’s why here in Bolder we have a retreat center where people come and spend seven days with us and they do three to 3-5 of yoga, breathing and meditation, 2 ½ hours of <inaudible > plus detox, plus the digestive reset to really open up these pours and let these emotional toxins be released in a safe place and we guide them through these <inaudible> self process so that they can have the clarity to really make these transformational steps but in the cholera cleanse we give you self <inaudible > exercises along the way as well.


Here’s how it works for four days you have a no fat diet and every day the first day you take two teaspoons of GI clarified butter, if you want to use fox seed oil that’s good two. Second day you four teaspoons of GI, third day six teaspoons of GI and the fourth day eight teaspoons of GI.  So the first thing you do you take some GI   and you go drink it down.  That makes you burn fat, it contracts your g all bladder. You’re going to find out just how well gall bladder is working and how well your liver is making bile just by having this GI and its going to flush the bile and force you into fat metabolism. If you have no fat in our direct for the whole day you continue to burn your fat and be a better fat burner. If you have some dietary fat you’re just going to burn some dietary fat and the cleanse is over.  So if you have a bunch of GI in the morning and no fat all day long you’re going to flip your body into fat metabolism and the cool thing about this is you’re eating three meals per day. We typically <inaudible> which is a rice and bean sup that you make which is a perfect protein so I keeps your blood sugar very stable and in the booklet there’s four dietary options that you can take, there’s recipes in there so you can do a lot of creative things with your food.


The major thing is that you eat a no fat diet. Soon as we eat fat you screw it up and we can reset it.What happens is the first day people say, “ I’m hungry, I don’t feel good” but by the second or third day they flip into fat metabolism and they’re burning fat stable throughout the day. On the fourth day we do an intestinal flush and they give you options in the book you can deal with castor oil, you can deal with Epsom salt, you can deal with prune juice to clean your intestinal tract out. Its a very simple four day cleans. Turning the entire time you have a no fat diet or <inaudible> it’s very, very simple.


It’s so easy to do, you can work, you can do all your chores, usually by the end day you’re in fat burning and you feel really less hungry because you’re in fat metabolism. I think, the really important thing I wish to say is that even though you’re in fat metabolism and you’re not hungry please eat because if you don’t eat and your blood sugar crashes and that becomes an emergency and then the body goes store fat-crave sugar. The cool thing about this cleanse and our <inaudible > cleans is that as soon as you feel strained, you’re using will power to make this happen you’re defeated the purpose of the cleanse. You putting stress on the body doesn’t burn fat and that’s what is neat about it. It’s kind of a great self-awareness thing. If I’m really straining and struggling in this process it’s really a problem.


In the <inaudible> which we are giving away free one tonight and we do this event twice per year where people do it together in a group, it’s a very fun thing. We have sometimes five hundred or eight hundred people doing it together from around the world and you get emails every morning from us we are all staff cleanses with you, you get conference calls, there’s online forms you can communicate, there is all kinds of emails you can communicate so you can feel as part of the group and that’s kind of a neat thing for folks to feel like a group when they do it together .


So that the <inaudible> cleanse. It’s a two weeks digestive reset and then a detox and of course there’s a <inaudible> download go ahead and do it, read the articles about how to reset your digestion and now you can do it very easily on your own well.


Thank you all for coming, I appreciate it.

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    I did something simialr to this like 2 years ago.. It was called the BluePrint Cleanse. It’s a New York based company and I loved it. I slept soo well! But I didn’t have to feed someone food all day long so that’s going to be a little tricky. Good luck!

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