Cleanse & Detox Lecture

One of the main things I like to do at the beginning of the year is cleanse and detox so I come out of the gate strong.  We go into the New Year, we set our intentions, our goals the antiquated notion is new years resolution but the higher principle of course is setting your intention.

When we get clear up here nothing is more powerful than a made up mind. Salin monks believe they can walk through walls coupled with their meditation and their Kung Fu training they can.

My message is very simple, its biblical, its what Gandhi said, its become the change that you wish to see in the world. My message is very simple, a healthy me equals a healthy planet meaning how do we expect to see a healthy world if we are not healthy ourselves. When you start to dig in to what ancient knowledge know personal hygiene on the inside was an optimal component of critical health and you actually being your own doctor.

We have gotten a little far away from this because we have gotten far away from nature. We gave up our power a lot to other elements like the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry these are the people with authority that can help our health that’s really not the way it works and you are starting to see it showing up in our statistics.

We’ve got 67% of the American people that are overweight or obese in three have cancer that’s after 1947 they declared a war on cancer pressing the united states declared a war on cancer and the cancer rate has grown exponentially with the amount of dollars they’ve spent. So if you look at the dollar rate of how much they’ve invested in cancer study and the actual incidence of cancer its indirect proportion.


So the study of disease begets disease the study of health begets health, it makes sense right. Whether it’s just to reset our intentions and to get very clear but it’s that clarity of mind, clarity of intent that is going to help you go through this world and create the world and that you desire because that’s really the way the world works.


We’ve been gifted by the creator to create and I’ll get into that in in a in a little while it it’s directly related to food and how we how we treat our bodies.


The Internet basically as the new TV people. Recently YouTube surpassed all the networks combined. The dollars haven’t followed yet but that’s all changing as we speak and so I believe the Internet will be one of the major components but the shift in consciousness on planet earth and it already is.


Facebook is phenomenal in that realm we get change things just by speaking our truth and grabbing a couple links here and there with some scientific proof to back it up or some doctors or good documentary, that way you get the naysayers on the internet saying “ no it’s not you don’t need scientific proof I didn’t hear that on the CNN, the president of the United States didn’t say that that’s not true.”  “Well here’s a bunch of other people’s studies and documentaries and a whole bunch footage on that which is actually the truth.


The Internet I believe will be one of the great equalizer on planet earth. Twenty one years ago I was sitting in Milan in Italy I was a Versace model and if anybody knows about that industry, most people don’t, like most industries they look glamorous on the outside however they’ve got their underbelly of shadow and demons and that industry’s got a lot of them.  The agents they’re really cut throat, a little bit a waterway and they’re like look you’re fat; that’s how the girls get all messed up with bulimia and anorexia coming out of the modeling industry and sell drugs alcohol it goes all hand in hand with that industry. My agents were like you’re fat and it was like nothing really changed, however, I grew up as an American thinking pop tarts and captain crunch was actually food. What I did was I went to the English bookstore in Milan Italy and I got a book.


One of my first book since fit for life which educating where it educated me on the elements of food or at least one people take on it.  It really started to educate and move my consciousness towards educating myself of what food was and what my body was and how it function because they didn’t teach school. They don’t teach you about your liver and school, they don’t teach you about whole foods in school. In fact you go home and eat TV dinners in front of the TV that’s the American way. As I started to educate myself I started to realize that food is meant to be or its best assimilated its whole food form I realized that the cornerstone of what the entire ancient knew it was internal purification or hygiene.


We wash our cars, who knows that we have smog in LA? Anybody leave their car for a couple of weeks and what is that stuff anyone? Anyone not wax their car and now they need new paint job anybody? This happens at the actually don’t wax your car and you don’t wash it very often and so imagine those elements that are coming inside of your body. We’ve got to clean those things out because those things ends up in our tissues and a lot of these pollution elements and dust have been analyzed and what are they finding? They’re finding what comes out of the airplanes whether you call it camp trails or pollution, whether you call it conspiracy theory, whatever you call it ends up your tissues.


So how do you get those things out here tissues how do you purge the liver how do you cleanse the blood, the kidneys, and the colon?  How does the body functions really that’s what we warn to look at and start to you know observe. The ancients utilized fasting and fasting is just a way of allowing your organs to rest while you’re still penetrating it with liquids, whether it’s fresh squeezed organic juices or whether it’s pure water; I don’t recommend the water fast for anyone unless they’re well verse on it, well-educated in it and probably properly supervised.


Don Tolman is a big speaker on Forty Day Water fast which is what Pythagoras and Jesus did and actually to get into the Pythagory in school and Pythagoras was the only brother allowed Egyptian temples other than the pharaohs and Pythagoras and his whole school was setup to get into a school you had to do a forty day fast and then you couldn’t speak for a year.


The brain is mostly water and we still those waters when we can start to think clearly still them and also cleanse them. What do the ancients know from Pythagoras to Jesus to <inaudible> to Greeks, what did they know, they know inner hygiene.


There’s seven principles optimal health and they go like this clean air, water, sun shine, wholefoods, walking, loving relationships and passion.


The atomology of passion passing ions. 51% of what people buy from you is not product knowledge. Jesus was the greatest salesman doesn’t forget that. We’re always just sharing concepts and upgrading people especially if you got something good upgrading people the higher ground concepts. When you’re working with people but people are buying from you your enthusiasm, your passion.


They’re not buying what you’re selling they’re buying you first of all. That’s the vibration, that passion, that electricity people need especially if they don’t have it themselves in their life.  That’s why you see a lot of people following these motivational speakers. Some graduate and attained what the speakers are doing but a lot of them just follow because they want that energy .we live in one of the top five dirtiest cities in the face of the year it goes something like Mexico city, <inaudible>, LA I think is fifth, Tokyo’s pretty dirty and Hong Kong.


You’re dealing with this constant barrage of pollution, you’ve got the diesel engines that are putting out lead, the camp trails have also been tested for aluminum and barium. Aluminum is a highly toxic material and it embeds in your brain. One of the only ways you can get at that is malic acid, which are in apples.


Malic acid is a great <inaudible> to go after the aluminum in your brain especially with bonded with fluoride, where’s the fluoride coming from? The fluoride is coming from your water thanks to whatever legislation got passed on that day and fluoride the highly toxic substance as aluminum is as mercury has which they put in your teeth is well.

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