Cleanse & Detox Lecture P2

This is uncommon knowledge because we go to the dentist, we drink the water, we listen to a politician’s going this is good for you but we don’t check anything we’re like those guys have our best interest at hand.


Maybe they’re well meaning however, if you start looking into scientific research and study aluminum, mercury, fluoride is highly toxic substances in the human being body. So how do you get these things out? Is there any mystery to anyone out there in the audience of why we have sixty seven percent obesity rates, chronic fatigue, fiber <inaudible>, Alzheimer’s on the rise autism on the rise, ADHD, depression sorts of brain dysfunction and disease and major health issues with living in the first world.


To me it’s not a mystery; it has to do with the pollution that’s in our society, contamination of the air, the water, the soil and the food. How do you get these things that your tissue because it’s constant barrage until we change, which is my mission on the planet is to create clean air water in soil for all of mankind to procreate peace on earth on this planet.



This is this is my intention it’s coming very soon because as soon as every man woman and child realize this and what is relevant to human species is clean air water and soil, food is free.


We take a seed, you put in fertile soil, and it grows and bears fruit.  As we move through this awareness first and then we start voting with our dollars, buying products that are only good for the human being, only good for the earth then we can start making decisions for the better the future of our planet.  Why? Because the politicians really aren’t listening. I did my protest in 2003, did a bunch of them.

Went downtown, went to Hollywood, nobody listened.


In fact everyone was at the UN and they were like don’t go in Iraq did they listen no and they are still over there and we’re fighting this war and its done now. Vote with your dollars that’s how you can really make an impact, we all have a choice because we all have dollars in our pockets and when you start to vote with your biochemistry in mind you take care of everything, it’s a symbiotic relationship. It’s the one way you can be an activist. There’s a whole lot of fast that are known to start out with an apple specially if you’re going to do a liver flush. I know a lot of information however I don’t know everything and I also want make this disclaimer I don’t know what’s right for you.   You know what’s right for you.


I’m going to give you a myriad of different options for you to choose, a myriad of different options if so where you can move towards the best decision for yourself, there’s books that I can recommend, there’s fasts that I can recommend, first cleanses my that I can recommend without fasting, however, at the end of the day you’re going to have to make the best decision for yourself because you’re in control of your own situation.


I don’t teach food paradigms because I tried everybody through paradigms and got sick. To be a strong vital human being I’ve had to go through that and understand that. One of them one of the major elements that I got from veganism was clean food, so clean food was  <inaudible>to be a clean human. If you’re going to eat meat

Grass fed the animals is meant to be grass, they’re not meant to eat grain. Grain creates gas in multiples stomach animals, gas in their system creates <inaudible> in their blood, <inaudible> is in their blood means <inaudible> in your blood< inaudible> in your blood is one of the three major components of cancer that with poor lymph flow and a low or no will to live.



One of the major things that allopathic medicine doesn’t look at. We have four bodies in the third dimension mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, the physical manifestation of what shows up in you is the last thing that’s going on everything else is going on inside of you mentally, emotionally and spiritually first and then it manifest on the physical last.  Mental, you have your own thoughts positive or negative; emotional you forgive your parents or anybody who abuse you because those emotions that end up harboring negative energy.


I talked to a lot of cancer survivors or people that have had cancer, Louise Hayes whole body of work she was raped as a child, she got vaginal cancer and she beat it with chemo and it came back she said I’m going to beat it this time.


Maybe you guys have Louise Hayes book over here I recommend checking it out for people because the mental, emotional aspect gets overlooked in our society a lot and in the health field it gets more overlooked a lot too because this whole movement is about food which is physical.


Food you definitely want to be putting pure food in your body however it’s not everything because neurosis should I eat this, should I eat that David Wolfe says that Daniel Vital says, I’m so confused what do I do, I grew up in the eighties it was a high-fat, low carbohydrate, low carbohydrate high-fat Atkins, who am I, what am I doing here, who’s thinking my thoughts and so everyone is so confused they don’t know what’s going on it’s like how do you make your own decisions.



You educate yourself on clean food, you find out what’s best for you and then you move towards putting those elements in your body cleaning a kidney colon liver on a regular in constant basis.  Mental and emotional aspect definitely

Look into that your spiritual connection.


One thing that I believe that is a direct spiritual connection is nature. We all live in one of the most, you go out to your backyard over their on Venice beach and you go to one or the most remote places on earth right the pacific ocean so we have nature here that is accessible in this city, you got the Santa Monica mountains, you got the < inaudible>that’s not too far, I recommend watching my video on how you <inaudible> changed my life.  It talks about Galen Clark who was the first park ranger in the united states park service and he was given five months to live for tuberculosis in the eighteen hundreds. He went to <inaudible> cause he’s like an I’m going to die you know <inaudible> and so he went there and fifty-four years later the brother died, five months to live.



John miller writes about it in all his books, the healing powers of the water the mountain air. The energy of the granite rocks. All this energy end up healing and

Curing the brother. The cure for aids and cancers is your immune system. The cure


For anything is embedded in nature. In fact I got a good quote, the physician within “everyone has a physician inside him or her we just have to help it in its work” did they teach you this in school? I didn’t learn it in school. The natural healing forced within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.  Remember once again intention first I choose health. Most of the cancer people you talk to them they have a low or no will to live.


When I talk to people have a problem can you help me, first thing I ask them you want to live? And if they give me the “of course” that’s not a yes I’m looking for an emphatic yes because when you say yes that’s what’s going to happen because its your intention. Nothing is more powerful than a made-up mind. Food should be our medicine and the medicine is our food but to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.


Hippocrates, ancient philosopher, ancient wise man and the Hippocratic oath which is the essence of what the medical industry is set up for says “to do no harm “and that’s the Hippocratic oath which is directly related to Hippocrates. Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine is thy food. I’ve gotten so far away from it for the food chain that’s why whole foods is so important. That’s my store like Whole Foods is important for our society and the planet


As a whole because it provides source for where people can get it and it’s growing. It’s a good thing this commerce is growing, why? So it’s more accessible to more people and the power of the corporation to buy more that is good for the earth, the good practices because let’s face it nobody’s perfect.

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  1. Marco says:

    its far from nonsense. I sfefur from the over production of stomach acid, been on medication for a few months, did nothing for me, started drinking lemon water daily, and i feel fantastic for it. the reason individuals attempt to diminish the fact that this really works are the same reasons your car doesnt operate on ethanol, the substance that you could grow/product for yourself at no cost. when the information is free and the goods are free, the margin for potential profiteering dies

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