Cleanse & Detox Lecture P3


A lot of the toxic elements were made from brakes, vehicles, gasoline, engines and stuff like that. Who’s got a car? I got a car we what do we want to do shoot ourselves in the foot? Cars are no good, oil stocks, up let’s <inaudible>okay

Get your ass walking down the street I don’t want to hear it from anybody. In the meantime we start advocating free energy, we start advocating these things, these higher concept principles, these higher principles that will help shift humanity and

You want us to support companies that are out there that are doing good.


You want to spend your dollars with companies you want to align them; you want to look at your ingredients on every single thing you buy. If it’s a preservative or chemical or a flavoring, flavoring and fragrance mean synthetic.  By law it means synthetic so you have to look and make sure that either essential oils, if it’s a fragrance ort these other elements.


It’s in your highest and best interest to look at the ingredients and make sure that it’s a biological match four your human biology. Then don’t buy it because there are ten other products.


I moved to Los Angeles started studying acting .I hooked up with doctor Schultz and he became one of my mentors his dads and books embodied the information that I had studied the ten previous years and his catalogs for free and they were pretty juicy too. So I would hand them out and say “look study this” and they would be like “are you trying to sell me on something?”  “ Yes I’m trying sell you on getting healthy, I don’t make any money off of it, however help yourself” when I told him that story I did that for five years he sent me a huge box of herbs.


One thing I learned from doctor Shultz is quality and the second thing I learnt from his was wild. Wild is the top of the food chain so you’ve got wild, then you have bio dynamic which means the birds that these all the elements of nature on that property.  Then you’ve got Oregon Trail organic some of the higher rated organics, USDA organic commercial and GMO that’s the food chain on the planet.


God created the wild as a biological match and so as close as we can get to that match we have some wild products in here and I recommend trying. Wild as a higher vibration it’s exactly that it. I eat about 30-40% wild in my diet   can you feel my energy?  That’s wild. We’re animals, we have biological animals living in electric body, having chemical reactions in the spiritual experience but we’re physical animals the human being is a mammal and so we forgot that .the religious people said no we’re not were more than that and there’s been more people killed in the name of religion than any other facet on the planet.


Fact of the matter is honor your animal first we’re animals, we procreate,

We like to have fun, we like to brush up against each other, and we’d like to go for a swim we like to run on the beach, we like to have fun not drive in traffic and punch time clock and hate our lives.  It’s about waking up to a higher concept principles and one of the best ways to wake up is start to clean your body and put the good high vibrational stuff into your system and then you start gaining that radiant health

And that passion and it starts going out to other people.


Five years after starting with the hot doctor Richard Shultz by somebody introduced me to the amazon herbs, amazon Johnny’s <inaudible>, Christian <inaudible>, Dr. James Harvard, Dr. James Duke some of the leading ethnobotnist on the planet.  I became extremely aligned with the amazon herbs because of their mission and vision to save one of our most precious resources which is the amazon rainforest, their mission and vision is said to offer the world life-changing herbal remedies economically empower indigenous tribes who in turn get to stay on the ancestral lands and watch the rainforest for all mankind.


That’s a beautiful thing because I don’t know any other company out there that has that level of penetration into the symbiotic relationship of the human being applied to them modern world and it is going forward environmentally to change the world. That’s why I believe in something like Whole Foods because commerce has a big, major component of dictating the material world.


Anybody wants to dispute that? Look at computers and bill gates, look it look at Steve these are some of the biggest entrepreneurs on the planet that are shifting the consciousness on the planet I threw the amazon I had been down there, I’ve done <inaudible> the world’s most powerful uh… herbal medicine, I spent many years in silent meditation. What came to me when I was sitting in the amazon is this whole idea popped into my head because I’ve had a career in front of the camera for twenty years and I spent the last five years before I got into the amazon doing comedy and so my natural medicine background and my on-camera personality merged into the certified health <inaudible> that popped into my head in the blink of an eye and that made me laugh in the middle ceremony in the amazon rainforest.


That’s what I’ve been doing for the last three or four years is producing certified health, most of it you can see on the internet and of course I’m producing it for TV as well and I continue to educate myself, I continue to work with other people that have knowledge because I’m a sponge, give me some information. I don’t claim to know what all and I want to study with other people who have.


One of the guys I studied with last year is Don Tolima he’s the Whole Food cowboy

And this brother he studied the atamology and route concepts of words all the way back to the back to the Vatican, he made it to the Vatican library and found secrets.

He’s the one who gave me the elements from Pythagoras and Jesus on seven principles optimal health.


What he realized is that there’s an ancient word in Hebrew called EL and EL means God. There’s divine orchestration in languages in movies, it’s in everything but with divine orchestration of the language and so you take the elbow, God bows to the temple to the temple. We’ve got a couple temples up here it triangulates into our throat shocker thyroid and then our mendable triangulation into our all seeing eye to make the star of David.


The elbow god bow to the temple is pretty <inaudible> stuff however it’s going to resonate your heart.  God bow to the temple, the El bows to the temple with tithes and offerings.  The elementary tract is either the river of life or the river of death depending on what you feed it and then god will gift you back in the bowels that’s God battling back to you. Depending on what you feed the elementary track then God gifts you back with vowels so you can create with your speech, abaca dabra create with my words.


We have gotten so far away from that in the natural world. There’s a little of this stuff being peppered into the new age community.  We create with our own words, with our intention, with our made up mind, with our clean blood, with a high vibrational mind that is thinking at an optimal level and we carry forth this message to each and every brother and sister that is in your way because once you are turned on we need another turn-on brothers and sisters on this planet.


Don’t hold your tongue when you know this information you share with every single person that you know.  There’s toxic elements that are not made for the human body bloodstream, they’re not a biological match says in the ancient Old Testament never to grasp the hand of God.  What is GMOs? Genetically weaving Agent Orange which is up biological weapons created in the Vietnam War by one of <inaudible> sister companies, its biological weapon that’s been interwoven in soy colona corn and cotton.  These things are not meant for the human being body

They end up killing the other herbicides and pesticides woven into the genetic structure so there’s resistance to herbicides and pesticides.   That ends up the killing off the floor and the fauna, the birds that these it saying a high frequency into these plants.


There’s a whole body of research called sonic gloomy where this guy created sounds of nature and they put it next to crops, these model culture crops out in Iowa and the crops just blew up because this thing has been missing because the floor and <inaudible> had been killed from the pesticides and herbicides.

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