Cleanse & Detox Lecture P4


The recognition of this and this is why I’m so passionate about this because most people go along “oh there’s nothing wrong, I’m symptomatic, I’m healthy, don’t talk to me and leave me alone” next thing you know their brother, mother, sister they’ve got issues cancers, chronic fatigue and <inaudible>. It’s so important that we recognize where the food chain is, what these things mean what GMO mean. I don’t believe in the anti Christ I’m a positive human being however I believe GMO are the anti Christ as human beings we have the all be crusaders for the planet and make a stand and say not from my blood, not from my brothers and sisters blood, not for my children’s blood not for anyone else is blood and you open up the mouth that’s what God gave it to you for.


It’s not about stepping on people’s toes it’s like making a stand because who else is going to do it?  Who voted for change of Barrack Obama and hope and all that?

What happened? Nothing because the bankers run everything, their elites, their shadow governments are behind everything but I want to go they’re really need to go there we just have to recognize, hold the questions for later tomorrow, I got to get to the cleanse and detox. I went totally   sideways and I have to come back over here.


I recommend eating organic food only if you could talk to the farmer, if you look in the eye and <inaudible> okay fine no problem do the best you can because remember neurosis is a mental disorder and that’s a sickness. Always do the best you can without going neurotic, does that makes sense to everyone? Do the best you can without going neurotic. Most people casually assume that they are healthy or their sick yet they’re grades in between.  Just because one is a symptomatic does not mean they are radiantly vital


And that’s what we’re after.


We need conscious clear coherent human beings that know the truth and stand up for it no matter what, like MLK, Martin Luther King. He wasn’t taking no-nonsense,

Well Malcolm X woke up is that brother taking any nonsense? No. The machine doesn’t savior wolf tickets and nonsense for other people. That’s what’s required on this planet this conscious clear clean human beings thinking for the betterment of humanity. Seven principles of health we covered that, clean air and water those are both dirty so you got to clean that out your tissues that’s why we’re going to get to this.  Sunshine the sun is good for you. Who made up the sun is bad for you? The chemical companies the sun is good for you take off your sunglasses, your body secrete a hormone there’s fifteen hundred sibling sunshine ray in there it’s not just blue, green, purple red, yellow and orange. There are fifteen other elements in the light spectrum.


Take your sunglasses off when you’re out this time because there are hormones that are released that protect you against the sun. You don’t see the indigenous people and sunglasses right? I got that information from Robert Costar and if anybody’s seen that guy he is ripped to the bone so I would listened to at least half of what he’s got to stay, the other half…


He’s an animal, he’s ripped to the bone and he’s fifty years old. Sun is good for you twenty minutes a day, seventy percent of your body do the best you can, that sun is good for you. Sunscreen? Wear a hat or a shirt and eat anti-oxidants.

Anti-oxidants are out of our food supply because the foods depleted. Eat the reds, purples, stuff that’s going to be powerful anti-oxidants. Human being is designed to move through time and space like this. < Demonstrates> in fact I interviewed a ninety five year old guy a couple of weeks ago he was in the bank then he goes “oh

Ninety five” and “I said hey buddy what’s the secret to life” and he goes “ keep smiling and walk”, my grandmother used to say move it or lose it.



Whole Foods what does that mean? Organic, whole food is the best you can get.  I just went on the gluten I think that’s applicable to a lot of people on this planet. <Inaudible> nutritional typing it’s free. Most people shouldn’t be vegetarians apparently, according to him and I actually believe that 6% are the studies behind that.


Western Price’s all body of work and then Sally Falcon also talks about that and Paul Check so for any of those none meat eaters out there they’re feeling a little sluggish and its not working for them review it for yourself.


Western prices who found out his whole body of research all over the planet with indigenous cultures was that there were no successful societies that were vegetarians. It’s not my work I’m just repeating what I heard however my own experience I didn’t do very good is vegetarian.


I was paying attention to the dogma and I got sicker and sicker until one day I had pizza and I felt great. And I was like let’s review this that’s my experience, I’m not telling you what to eat however if you’re going to eat an animal makes sure its grass fed. <Audience speaks in the background> the funny thing is Kelly and I set this up before the talk however I just rambled for forty five minutes and its like green juice hits the spot.

I started out carrots for about seven years with carrot, apple, I switched over to green juice about thirteen years ago and nothing is more energizing and in honor of this this talk today I fasted.


I started a fast yesterday afternoon and I love one day fast because they’re so powerfully energizing. In the Chinese and Indian culture you would actually fast on the day you were born, I was born on Thursday. Today’s not Thursday however in honor of this talk I figured I would fast.


Enzymes <inaudible> juicer will dissipate within fifteen minutes. Hammer your juices it’s okay. Their pre digested, loving relationships and the opposite of that of course are toxic relationships so we want to keep an eye on that. What might be wrecking   our own frequency vibration if somebody’s given us a pain in the neck we might want to review that relationship and impassioned what turns you on. All of these great motivational speakers Wayne Dyer, Gary Knolled, Tony Robbins

They said flat out find your passion the money will follow.


It only makes sense right? I don’t get paid for a lot of stuff I do. Most of my YouTube videos are not a direct link to cash, I make no money off of this talk here however I love to do it and I know that I’m taken care of, I’m building market share and soon enough I will dominate the world with my health talks. To the body is made up of tubes, vein, ventricles, arteries, <inaudible>, retina, you’re totally tubular dude.


Anybody ever heard of that joke before? Don Tolman the Whole Foods cowboy is awesome. Your intestines are thirty-six feet of tubes. Ninety percent of the issues are either clogged tubes, smashed tubes that’s basically it.  Even the bones are tubes there’s marrow going down the middle of them. How do you clean the tubes?

There’s only five ways respiration perspiration urination defecation and exfoliation

That’s it.


I did hot yoga this morning, you want to wring out the barnacles and just wring

You out go do some hot yoga. 110 degrees, you sweat for an hour and a half and you do yoga moves to get it all out. Fire infrared sauna, in the sun, with a sweatshirt on, with a fat suit on whatever you want to do sweat. Sweating is great for you and I don’t recommend clogging your under arms up with commercial underarm deodorant because it blocks them in.


You want to get those stuff out there, we’re all animals learn to love your smell.

That’s what the <inaudible>, that’s what the chicks get on the <inaudible> animals. When you clean the body out you start smelling good, you smell like an animal not like a chemical factory.


Respiration any kind of cardiovascular, getting out there, walking, go out there for a brisk walk that’s going to elevate you, I really dig a lot of these breathing techniques

That are out there because you are bringing the breath up through and down the spine in the hips, you want to get the breath all in there and so lots of breathing especially in this hot yoga or <inaudible> yoga <demonstrates> you get the breath that stuck at the bottom of your lungs and diaphragm you get that stuff out.

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