Cleanse & Detox Lecture P5


Urination, what’s the urination? It’s directly related to the kidneys so that what we’re going to talk about fasting. You want to kidney flush, fasting in general, juice fast, master cleanse, water fast they’re going to start to clear out and make you urinate a lot anyway. If you need to drop some water weight quickly I recommend just going for the purest coffee that you can get made in espresso that will dump enough water just like that. I recommend watching your coffee intake because caffeine dilate you adrenals and it can< inaudible > your minerals out of your body so you want keep a close balance of you coffee intake.


Don’t be main line thorough an IV of a quart of an espresso when you live in Italy like me.  You don’t want to do that, you can burn yourself out because the <inaudible> life force center energy. Defecation I think everyone with cleansing should really consider cleaning out the colon first.  That’s the first thing, you want to do it couple times a year. Wholefoods has got some great products for that. I personally like doctor Shultz formula, it’s been working for me, I like it.

Large percent of the population is concentrated anyways and I recommend that you find something that works for you so you’re defecating a few times a week.


Poop is really important. You want to be pooping one or two times a day .you get 36 feet of intestines in there so you know couple big poops per day you want to reach towards that however you can get there. I just finished the seven days fast and I was still pooping big poops twice per day. Seven-day fast only liquid and herbs and I’m still popping so that goes to show there’s a lot up there, dandelions I believe saved my liver. I read about it but before I got into a big drug and alcohol phase bob and I was an alcoholic that would drink and I would snort cocaine stamp twenty-four hours a day so I could drink more and I   chain-smokes cigarettes.  I smoked for 25 years a most people don’t realize that. Cleansing your tissues makes a difference in fact it makes all the difference and I believe the dandelions save my liver.


It’s a great director liver tonic. Another good liver tonic is the good friends celery .now the doctrine of signatures on celery is it and the doctrine signature is you cut up in a wall nut it looks like your brain, you cut open a tomato it looks like your heart, you cut open   a carrot it looks like the iris of your eye, you snap a celery stalk it sounds like a broken bone.


It’s 23% or 25% sodium and so are your bones and it s about the size of a bone, doctrine of signatures .so this is a great diuretic greens are just super animalistic when it comes to energy and cleansing and detoxifying. It gives your body so much energy so that your organs and your enzymes can rest and your enzymes can start to eat at the other stuff. The enzymes can start eating at undigested protein solids, arterial plaque anything that’s in its way.


When you stop fasting like <inaudible> said but to eat when you’re sick is to feed your sickness. When you’re fasting the enzymes can start teat the sickness, the body can start healing itself, clear the blockages and the body automatically starts healing itself, the body will start to eat itself and then start to eat that material that would no longer belong in there. Its innate intelligence, god created us that way. Its called autogenesis the body will automatically heals itself when you have

The proper nutrition in the body and or you clears out the blockages.


Got into <inaudible> and I hear they are about to outlaw this, the <inaudible> is going to outlaw this in <inaudible>this is one of the ingredients in one of Dr. Shultz formulas that I like for the intestines its < inaudible > and so this is just a simple herb that I got into that helped move my colon early on if any of the watch I would any things that are.


Laxatives even if they’re mild is you don’t want to create imbalance in your body to everybody depends upon them. Another great herb to utilize that’s available almost anywhere and it accelerates any of the other herbs that you use is cayenne pepper; it’s good for the circulation.  Milk thistle I mean world renowned for the liver purification .if you go once you decide to go into a fast and I recommend you get a book, you get a counselor, you get someone that’s going to help you with this if you haven’t done it before. You try one day, you try three days, you try five days me being the animal that I am I jumped straightforward and went and did the ten-day fast and I do a ten-day fast every year. Then I started doing more five-day fast four times a year.


The milk thistle is excellent for scrubbing that are the liver  <inaudible> the milk thistle and the dandelions and cleaning out the liver you want the liver clean, the liver is directly related to the skin and the skin directly related to the hormone, some of those things those imbalances and your body filters everything through the liver.


Once again all the pollution and stuff that’s why you want to keep these organs

Pumping. Everybody’s heard gallstones, kidney stones, cataract, diverticulitis, these are clogged tubes all of them. The bat night clay night clay could go into the pockets in your intestines get gas and potentially some heavy metals some other stuff it’s like putting a mask on your face but like a having a mask in your intestines it soaks up all those toxins and stuff. Where do you get your exfoliation a dry s skin brush?  You want to do circular motions away from the heart towards the heart starting with the extremities bring for that energy of the blood up through the skin and allowed to get released.


Get it going everywhere in your private parts, the whole nine. Blotches come up. Why the blotches? Because there’s a stagnation points. This is my secret weapon for detoxification and that’s something you can do daily. Another thing you can do daily

Is hot and cold showers that the bare minimum rinse off with cold water.


For men it’s great for testosterone. It’s called water therapy its been used for ages and so its good for circulation, its good for limb flow because remember the heart has pump for your blood but your water, your cleansing fluids everything that keeps you lubricated doesn’t have a pump so your pump is either walking or

It’s moving that’s why does trampolines a popular. However I bought a trampoline, I didn’t use the thing. I live on the beach <inaudible> take your shoes off walk, barefoot.


Trampolines are good if you live in Alaska. The fact the matter is take your shoes off you got to get off that limb and get everything moving, do some stretching, some face stretching, get in there.  Move your own body move it or losing remember that and dry before you

Get into the shower and you will see it will <inaudible> old skin. Before people that

Are starting out and doing fast I recommend you go the first da with raw food salads, soups, cold soups, juices, you kind of don’t want to don’t do cook foods that day

But you do a little avocados possibly some nuts, little bit of fruit


Fruits are good on the first day of a fast, start easing into. Get off the coffee for the fast though go to let the coffee go and the headaches will come but just ride it out to because the emotions and the detox will happen. When you do a flush I like ginger

Apple juice olive oil .I would do a tablespoon and build up through five days.


It’s garlic and ginger and apples and olive oil those start loosening up the gall bladder, the gall stones and kinds of stones that you got in their. You can also do they saltwater flush.  Salt water flushes two tablespoons of your best salt you can purchase in a quart of water. Anybody know a better recipe?


First thing in the morning you’ll be pooping in an hour or so and it all starts coming out then you can start off with your morning juice the juice ten man has tons of recipes, the justice man still is alive by the way he’s eighty-five I interviewed him last year. Peas are great for cleaning make sure you use the greens I like vegetable juice strained, if you cant handle the taste, you’re new to this stuff carrots and apples will sweet anything up.


Drink pure water as many juices as you want per day.  If you’re hungry drink more juice.  I recommend greens on a fast I don’t like a lot of <inaudible>, a lot of stimulated super foods, essential great foods what a good company this is. Kip strode anybody know this guy? He’s a wonderful human being. He’s got an incredible product line and he treats his indigenous partners in the rain forest good like we do. I like this gut a lot.  You see this label essential living foods support that company ’cause it’s good. He’s got a high protein <inaudible> super food mix.

You know when you see the essential food living foods label it’s the highest quality source of everything he’s going to sell on the market and you’re going to get the best.

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