Cleanse & Detox Lecture P6


Freshwater saltwater allergies that’s going to give you the building blocks are

All those little micronutrient fats that you need omega threes and omega six and it balance form too so your body produces the six and eights and nines that it needs. Wherever you get your greens source it good and have as much as you want too cause its powder form, it’s going to in liquid juice up. You really feel power on this too.


I feel great on my one day fast too tons energy. You do yoga the first thing the morning, I get up at five o’clock morning no matter what you put in you want to make sure it’s moving and you know it’s moving when you’re on a fast because all of a sudden you’re like <makes sound> and the salt is going, you’ve got the flaxseeds you’re like” wow man I didn’t know something like that could come out of me”. Get the bat night clay in there, get some fiber and add the powders, take the herbs.


When you’re organs are resting you can have whatever you want that is liquid or organic, fresh squeezed. Remember fresh squeezed you don’t want to be buying an enzyme devoid nutrition when you’re on a fast. You’re scrubbing the particles out and you’re getting the toxicity out therefore you don’t want to be putting any back in. your skin   brushing, drink pure water, you’re fdrinking fresh squeezd organic juics and you’re taking herbs to target the organs.


If you’re doing a five-day fast or something simple even if it’s a ten-day fast, day one and the last day are raw foods.  Instead of breaking the fast and start eating raw nuts and raw avocados go a lot lighter than that because those level of fats

Might be too toxin on your system so you want to breakdown more with like salads fruits and stuff that and watch that you don’t over do it with the fruits because of course fructose spikes the glycemic index and everyone is predisposition to collagen spikes is quite different so you want to keep your eye on that. I do recommend back to the mercola thing try its nutritional typing sees where you’re

But I did like he said try gluten-free for sixty days and the reason I like that because one of my yoga teachers alley Hamilton, I hadn’t seen her in a year and she had a couple of kids and I saw her and I was like “allie?” she’s like” yeah I’m gluten free nobody can recognize me anymore “all the inflammation went out of her face, she lost weight, she lost all of the baby stuff palace information about the fact that stuff and the kids, “ so I’m on it right now and I like it, I got less inflammation , I don’t get the gut stuff.”


Apparently its this celiac disease, I don’t believe in diseases first of all because were more powerful than that, however there is a linguistic term called celiac. Apparently you’ll have gut issues because of the grains and <inaudible> and they were not fermented and some other theory and I think it might have some applicability to me or somebody else. I’m <inaudible> the stone on that one, makes sense? Gluten free?

Any body heard of it? Try it out if it floats your boat. I kind of like it.

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