Is The Raw Lifestyle For You?

Date May 15, 2013
Speaker/s Khepra Anu
Title Is The Raw Lifestyle For You?

Khepra: Again I mentioned this is juice bar and we operate inside this space here, which is known as Dynamic Wellness. If you look around you will see books and supplements and things. Also I’m going to introduce and have him say a few words about his class so Aaron.

Aaron: Good afternoon and welcome to Dynamic Wellness everybody. Good afternoon I’m the other author here that’s on site. The title of my book is The Obesity Myth: If you’re not overweight your over waste. I’m a holistic health consultant and bringing the same kind of energy that Khepra brings to Dynamic Wellness to keep everybody Dynamically well. The Obesity Myth: you’re not overweight your over waste. I do a class on Mondays at this time from 6:30-8:00. It’s entitled breath mastery an internal fitness.

Like Kehpra focused is getting the organs clean and healthy so everyone can live disease-free and so on. Once again I’m Aaron Mothly welcome to Dynamic Wellness
Handle everything out here on Sundays and come on down.

Khepra: I’m going to get right in to today’s lecture that I’m really excited about today. Just something like this similar, any of you were here last year lecture? Great. This would be good because actually I’m going to summarize my lecture last year because it deals with what I’m going to talk about today, which is the raw food lifestyle for you.

I came up with the topic is the raw lifestyle for you because just to tell you a little bit about my journey of the raw food movement. I started eating raw foods primarily as my diet in the year 2000. So it’s been about thirteen years and since that time I’ve seen have seen the raw food movement really grow. I’ve also come to open up this business
But also you’re everyday peers, your family, these are the things that often present roadblocks in the way of looking to transform your health. Because at the end of the day that’s what we want .we want to look better, we want to look more vibrant, we want to look better, we want to feel better and then some people get into this because of sickness, disease because they want to live. The C word, cancer when that strikes we can go into panic and that will to live, that desire to live
Lot of times that cancer, once that takes life, once that takes a hold of your life because that’s what it looks to do.

It looks to thrive on you until you die. The thing is at that point would we do? Oftentimes for some people it could be too late just from you know our lifestyle habits and work. What we’ve done what we haven’t done for decades. Oftentimes it’s just realistic to turn it around either in a few weeks or a few months etc. but the body is an amazing vehicle
And we really need to start treating it as such and by treating it as such,
What we give to our self is what we will receive. We have to do the things now before it gets too late because we’re aging.

Like I said the body is a natural regenerator and if we just we treat it right, we get proper rest we fast periodically we can allow the body to
Regenerate it. There’s no herb, there is no supplement, there’s no treatment out there that’s more powerful than the body’s ability to self heal.

There’s a catch. The catch is that we have to get out of this way in the best way to get out of this way is to periodically going on fast. You can do juice fasting. I like coconut water, coconut water fasting, water fasting, I’ll go through that and I’m going to go through that more in detail but again bringing it back to is the raw food lifestyle for you, like I said when I got into this initially at that time I think a lot of people were driven to raw foods not because they were sick.

It was almost like this idea was going around that you could be superhuman. That you could actually live and really thrive. That’s what I believe the whole of the term super foods came about.

This came about in this most recent time where we have the explosion of today’s raw food movement so we had the advent of super foods, we had raw food guru’, going around the country and promoting raw food lifestyle and this is all great. This is something that I really took on personally. The desire to live the best life possible that was my motivation. I think that for all of you out here who are thinking about it again its something that helped that and me worked for me.

When you ask the question is it raw food lifestyle for you, you have to find what works for you. Now I’m going to go through five keys to becoming raw because that’s what I talked about last year. For the new year people are looking to make lifestyle changes, they look into their new year’s resolution, they want to make this year and every year the best year possible .I gave the lecture and I was talking about five keys becoming raw .so we’re going to go through those and … in addition to going through those I want to basically through out some ideas and thoughts in terms of how that may fit or how that may work for you or how that may not work for you.

Because one of the keys is going to determine, I mean basically when you look at them collectively it’s going to give you your foundation the move forward in this direction or not.

The first keys are you green? And basically what it deals with is sugar and when you understand that sugar is everything. Everything that we eat has to break down into a simple sugar. Regardless if it’s for fruit a vegetable, a nut seed, meat, a dairy these things all have to break down into simple sugars in order for us t o get benefit.

We become addicted to process sugars and when I say processed sugar I mean the starchy foods, breads, flour, cereals it starts to study for the it process. These things are what I call empty foods. They’re very much filler but they’re very low in nutritional scale. Very empty in terms of calories and you’re providing a filler but a lot but in essence they’re not nourishing us on a cellular level. The thing is that we think about our body we think about we know that we are predominantly water and when we look at this piece of bread and there is no water.

You know the party has the basically the body has to break this down, it has to hydrate it in order to get any value out of this. These foods are really sucking away at our life energy, at our life’s blood and that being water.

So any time you’re eating pasta and breads and things that don’t have any more moisture, the body is looking to extract water out of all of our food so if there is no water component to any of the food that you are eating then that’s a recipe for disaster In short-term and in the long term. So when I say are you green the thing is that we really got to make green is the focus of where we get our water from and the reason is because when you’re looking at acidic foods you looking at starchy food
Those are highly acidic foods.

Green is alkaline and the thing is that with our green foods not only we have water but we also have minerals and the thing is that the minerals is what we’re missing .the minerals is what give it the bitter taste. When were eating , collards, spinach, and dandelion? These are things that you want to start to begin to take to change your taste buds.

So again when I’m asking is raw food diet for you this is a situation where at least physically, in terms of our taste buds, in terms of where we’re at physically that’s probably the greatest challenge you’re facing.

Is it realistic for you to give up those things, to give up the breads and the cereals and the rice and all the processed foods? That’s the real question and again you know and again part of making that transition is replacing those things with primarily green foods.

A lot of people tell me they have a green smoothie in the morning that’s a good way to start the day versus if you’re doing like heavy cereal, pancakes. Traditional breakfast foods are the worst foods because are very much starchy foods that really get the blood sugar going but what happens is that at lunch time you eat you traditional breakfast, oatmeal or your cereal and you say “ oh this is healthy, this is vegetarian “and then by the time you have lunch your breakfast is still on your stomach. Then you follow and you put lunch right on top of breakfast and now if you’re working at a desk, you’re not moving around, you’re not burning that food then you got two meals sitting right on top of each other. The body goes into basically a rest mode because it has no energy for nothing else like. All of this energy is being zapped to trying to digest these two meals you put it right on top of each other.

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