Is The Raw Lifestyle For You? P2

Therefore what most people do if they can’t afford to take a nap or go for a run or something that’s going to deal with this issue that you that most people put themselves through each and every day; you go for coffee and you go for the stimulants and then now you’re pouring a problem on top of another problem.

I talk about like basically you’re breakfast really should be really should be no breakfasts. Breakfast should be water, fluids, and things high in moisture.

We we’re coming off of a fast or sleeping, we’re coming off the breath and then we transition it into food by bringing in high fluids lots of water, lots of fresh juice and fruits if anything. Anything physical.

Then by twelve o’clock now you have energy because that thing is that
The rest of the rejuvenation that you received from the eight hours or however many hours you slept you’re able to continue, you’re not taking away or you’re not cheating yourself by bringing this food that you now are forcing your body to deal with. By eating your biggest meal and probably only meal in the middle part of the day you know you got the assistance of the sun. The middle part is where we really should reserve our greatest physical task and there is nothing more greater physically than the breaking down of food and we really want to sort of delay the heavy breaking down of proteins and fats for the middle part of the day.

It could be anywhere from as earliest as 12:00 to maybe as late as 4:00 or 5:00 or 6 o clocked. After 6 o’clock you really don’t have anything heavy
You really wanted to sort of mimic how you start the day by finishing the day with something light. You really giving your body a chance twenty-four hours to break down heavy foods.

So are you green and that’s really the first key of at least making a transformation to do a raw foods is making this part of your lifestyle.

The second key is what I had talked a little bit about which is the importance of detoxification, our regular detoxification. This is my new book, it came out this summer. Basically this book started about seven years ago when I started doing fasting basically with groups .I was doing this on my own people were asking me for guidance and advice and I came up with the idea to do group fast. There are times during the year which is more advantageous to fast than others like with the change of seasons people naturally go into detox schedule I mean this is the whole flu season.

Everybody is detoxing. Like I said the body is designed to heal and cleanse. When we catch the flu or catch a cold we haven’t caught anything. Basically the body is trying to stop you from doing what you’ve been doing which is overeating and overeating too much bad stuff. So it’s like you shut the appetite down, you create congestion and things of that nature and then what you should be doing is really going with.

Drinking lots of water allowing the body to flush via the kidneys, rest.
If you’re working all the time you really owe it to yourself to rest the mind. We go home and myself too, we go on the computer and we’re
Constantly stimulating and even when I’m no t here I’m working.

So it just so important to get that rests that’s what detox is all about. Detox is really when you do a voluntary detox you doing your you’re being proactive in a sense that before the healing crisis comes you’re going to basically say “I’m going to fast for a couple of days, I’m going to give the digestive system a rest”. If you’re eating everyday you’re your digestive system is working non-stop 24/7, 365.

It takes the could take for meal to go from one end to the other day it could take at least 24 hours probably 36-48 hours probably longer depending on what it is. If you’re eating food that is not water based there is going to be basically debris. There is going to be things left in the body is not going to fully be able to eliminate whatever you’re bringing. So you’re going to have build up and with the increased build-up then that’s what forms the seeds of disease especially cancer because you may be weakening some area and that area the body might use it as a dumping ground and that’s the seed for tumor.

This is not overnight. This is 10, 20, and 30 of the body trying to manage waste. Ultimately what is up happening is that it starts to become something living and then that’s when we call a cancer. It will start to grow hair and form teeth and by then you go to the doctor to get it cut out. A lot of times that may be the best thing to do is to is the surgery
But the thing is that we don’t want to get to that point. We don’t want to get to that place. We have degenerated greatly and we allow ourselves
To get to that point.

By periodic fasting it’s like you turning that energy they it has been using non stop 24-7, 365 for digestion can now be used for healing.
We really owe it to ourselves to take periodic breaks from food. No matter how good your diet is, no one is immune, no one is above. Anybody that tell you they don’t need it that’s addiction. The question again is raw food diets for you?

You have to really seriously consider fasting. Fasting is paramount importance and again I cant overstate that that the fact that there is no herb, there is no magic pill, there is a lot of alternative therapies out there and I’m not debunking those not be protein does but again the body’s own intelligence the body’s all magnificent to heal and to regenerate itself is second to none.

So that’s the second key. The third key is your education. You know you essentially have to be calm as a raw food scholar, there’s a lot of information, there’s a lot of tools, there’s a lot of resources out there.
Especially even with the advent of YouTube and the Internet. There’s just a ton of information out there.

Basically I would encourage you to

To read.
Reading is like

Eating because

You’re reading we’re feeding ourselves, we feel our minds.
When I began really starting to do this and after a really informative
Book, it

Really supercharge me

To the point where slight you’ll give me so much inspiration and you need that inspiration especially in today’s world. There is so much
Competition, there is so many forces out there vying for your attention.

You have to really take the initiative and really understand that
What you feed your mind is ultimately how your spirit, your body how everything especially how you eat is going to follow. So education is critical.

The fourth key is becoming a raw food chef. Part of what I do for a living is preparing raw food. Obviously I provide that as a service. I do have a few questions that he here almost every day but for most of us even if you treat yourself you’ll still need to get some raw food acumen. You’re going to have to learn how to how to make a salad. I’m sure that doesn’t sound too complex but the thing is that I think it’s also good to because when I started this it was fruits and salads and that gets old. So becoming a raw gourmet chef that helps because you know and learning how to be dehydrated, these are some of the quote-unquote various techniques of a raw food chef and it helps especially if you have children you try to get them to do more raw, doing dehydrated treats cookies things like that really goes a long way. Yes it’s a lot of work. You can just go to whole foods and pick up whatever they have but it makes a difference. It really does if you do it yourself. That’s a lot of work, lot preparation, lot of cleaning, and lots of organizing.

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