The Toxins We Love

by BodyPure

The truth is sometimes so disturbing and unpleasant that we want to run from it; hiding one’s head in the sand, Ostrich-style.  What happened to the good ole days when there weren’t so many choices, advanced technology and scientific break-throughs?  Either there were fewer dangers in our households a century ago, or ignorance was bliss.  Whatever the reason that brought certain information to light about dangerous substances, toxins, poisons and pollutants that affect human beings health-wise, we certainly can not turn a blind eye.  The best way to make our lives healthier now, in the 21st century is to understand the dangers and reduce them the best we can. Reduction of exposure, along with a natural detox regimen can serve to combat the constant exposure. We know you have many alternatives for natural detox, but amongst the easiest and most effective are foot detox pads (something that we know a little bit about ;)

The Columbia University School of Public Health has determined by a study that 95% of cancers are caused by diet and environmental toxins.  These same toxins are dangerously affecting animal wildlife such as birds, polar bears, panthers, alligators and frogs.  A British Medical Journal has gone further to suggest our lifestyles as well as the environment cause 75% of cancers.

Tests have proven that as many as 300 man-made chemicals can show up in the human body.  As soon as we are born, we start breathing tainted air, absorb toxins through our skin, swallow food and drink water with contaminants and some of us even add dangerous habits like smoking and ingesting dangerous substances on purpose.

What can an average person do to keep the toxins absorbed during a lifetime to a minimum?  What products that most consider harmless, actually contain toxins? What changes can a person do in their household NOW?



The most common toxins found in the human body and their sources:   

  • Aluminum
    • Antacids, cans, cookware, cosmetics, cheese
  • Arsenic
    • Cigarette smoke, water, pesticides, glass
  • Cadmium
    • Batteries, air pollution, cigarette smoke, paint, seafood
  • Lead
    • Air pollution, ammunition, hair dye, paint, pottery, pipes, smoke
  • Mercury
    • Batteries, cosmetics, dental fillings, fish, thermometers, vaccines
  • Thallium
    • Electric eye openers, ant and rat poisons, semi-conductors, cocaine
  • Arterial Plaque
    • Produced in body from high fat diet, inactive lifestyle, sickness
  • PCBs
    • Air pollution, water, fish
  • Vaccination Residues
    • Measles, mumps, etc.
  • Pesticide Residues
    • Non-organic fruits and vegetables
  • Chemtrail Residues
    • Air pollution; thought to have been sprayed from planes for population control, weather manipulation, mass vaccinations and unproven government programs around the world


Scary, huh?  These toxins in dangerous levels can cause kidney, heart and brain problems, osteoporosis, anemia, autoimmune diseases, cancer, nerve damage and learning problems.  Lead pollution from gasoline and plant products that causes a ban in the 1970s still exists to a lesser degree and can cause problems to the nervous system, bones and blood.  It is especially harmful to infants, children and pregnant women.  Mercury levels are found in the ground we walk on and have been linked to autism and multiple sclerosis.

The major ingredient in the smoke from cigarettes that is harmful is Cadmium which when inhaled and ingested causes lung and prostate cancer, heart disease, anemia and autoimmune thyroid disease. This is true in both first hand and second hand cigarette smoke.  Benzene and Toluene are dangerous chemicals found in breathing in fumes of gasoline, bug sprays, air fresheners and candles.  Yes!  Candles.  Burning some types of candles can increase risk of asthma by 30 to 50%, affect the reproductive and endocrine systems and have been linked to leukemia and respiratory problems.


What can we do?

  • When pumping gas, use the “hold-open” feature and stand upwind to prevent breathing fumes.  Avoid topping off.
  • Use nail salons that use quality products with non-carcinogenic toxins.
  • Use bug sprays that are less toxic but you have to apply more frequently; soybean oil, lemon and eucalyptus, other plant based or citronella.
  • Avoid burning scented candles in the home.  Sorry!  The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine have determined this to be dangerous because of phthalates that are not always listed as an ingredient.  Use natural scents and flowers instead.  Paraffin is petroleum sludge that releases carcinogens when burned.  Some candle wicks add more danger as they are made of lead.  Use soy or beeswax candles, or at the very least burn tapers instead of pooling tea candles and pillars. Avoid candles that are imported, cheap, have metal wicks, made of gel, called aromatherapy or are scented.  Simmering homemade potpourri and using essential oils such as lavender is much healthier.

And as we mentioned briefly above, foot detox is a must for cleaning out the toxins that do inevitably get through – the easy to apply foot patch makes is effortless to keep a regular detox maintenance.


Without affecting your happiness and quality of life, do what you can to reduce the dangers of environmental toxins.  Avoid known dangers like cigarette smoking, amalgam fillings, pesticides and polluted water and molds.  Never use plastic in the microwave, and use glass, cast iron and stoneware whenever possible in the kitchen.  Use natural ingredient products.  Taking off shoes when entering a home avoids contamination of carpets and filters on water supplies can remove harmful contaminants.  See your doctor regularly, perform a regular natural detox, and include exercise in your life.

Ari Vinograd, CEO, Wise Choice Health, Inc

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    toxins are absorbed into the system, most become embedded in our tissues. As the pads are placed on our skin, the natural herbs interact, and begin their work by emitting far infrared energy.

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