Is The Raw Lifestyle For You? P3

Becoming a raw food chef is the other key and again when you ask the question is raw food diet for you that may not be realistic. If this is something that you want to make an investment in terms of

Your life. This is your life. No one is going to care for you more than you.
I haven’t done classes a since last year but in YouTube there are a ton of raw food chefs. You can find a ton of recipes for just about anything on YouTube so there is no excuse.

When I started YouTube was not yet created but there were books and I was basically going out. New York city has, if you ever make it to New York City they have a number of raw food restaurants and these are things that I used to do every now and again. It used to give me inspirations like “ wow they are doing some fantastic things, these things tastes really good it doesn’t taste like the other food” so its really important.

The last thing and this is probably when I asked is the raw food diet for you, the last key is probably the most important because again we are social being. The last key and I call it, which is in your camp, which is in your circle. It’s probably our make or break. You can say I can do this raw foods, I’ve got few recipes under my belt, I don’t crave the cook food, I’ve been fasting every now and again but that last key. Your relationships, your family. That’s probably the most important question or the most important key that we cab look at in terms of like is it realistic for you.

We just went through the holidays. Would it have been realistic for you to eat all raw? When you’re going home to visit your mother or you’re going out to dinner, these are things that are really serious questions and if your partner, your significant other, cans a relationship survive? Yes. But it certainly helps if you in a relationship and your partner eat like you do. Eating is a very other than something that we do in terms of nourishing us it’s something in the whole expression you break bread together you. That’s a bonding moment, that’s a moment that you share. There’s nothing like no eating with someone and good conversation etc.

So these are some serious questions and over they years again I
Wanted to talk about this because each person here has to sort of put all those things on the table and say you “is it worth it?” it may not be worth it and that’s ok. If I just ask the question flat out “is the raw food diet for each and every one of us here?” absolutely yes and I could say that unequivocally because I’ve done enough research and I’ve seen and experienced and I’ve seen enough just to say all living creatures, whether we are a human being or a four legged animal the potential and the power of eating food that has not been heated is the best thing

One thing I mention the study, anybody familiar with doctor Potting? Well Dr. potting he did a study on cats using the raw food diets, now cats are carnivorous animals unlike human beings as fruitarians. He did a study of one group of cats that he put on a raw food diet, which was raw meat, and there was another group that was on the cook food. Really the long of the short of it is by the fifth generation of the cats that were on cook food they start reproducing. Not only di they start reproducing they had all the issues that human beings have, they had all the sicknesses, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, difficult giving birth to the litter, problems with seeing, crowding the teeth, irritability. There are all things that have plagues human beings and to know and to see that you can pretty much amount it to the fact that we have been abusing h our foods, Its really abuse. Especially now wit microwaving when yoyo nuke your food. I call it nuking your food, you deep fry it or just boiling it to death. Life begets life. If you want life you got to eat life. You are what you eat. That study was really ground breaking. Of course the cats on the raw foods diet thrived and had no issues, no emotional issues, no physical issues. I encourage you to look further into that study. That study was on cast but it really shows the measure of that being another living entity and what the potential could be, should we be wearing glasses, should we be having all the issues that we have. I have people come in here and get juice all the time and a lot of the time if they are doing more than three days they will come in and see the food and they have been doing juices for a couple days. See the body wants to eat, it wants to live and to live is to eat. However when we don’t eat for a few days everything gets better because you ‘re body is now going into a survival mode where your seeing gets better, your hearing gets better, your smelling certainly gets better. You open the door and you can smell everything down the block. Our body gets better and just by periodically taking a break. We really initiate our selves with food and we f don’t know our potential until we have to take some sort of a break and turn that digestive energy and using it to heal and regenerate ourselves because we don’t know our potential. Obviously if we were out in the wild and we had t run from a animal maybe we would make it but again just by periodically doing it as a system, a way of life, a way of living we really can put our best foot forward in terms of our health and out vitality. We are really working against ourselves.

I hope that provided some food for thought. I’m going to move into the second part of my lecture and if you have any questions we will take all questions at the end. The second part of my lecture we are really going to shift gears here and really talk about something that I personally, it has been a big part of my life a in an extreme kind of way and I really wanted to present this here and share this with you because I really think its important.

Before I became a raw food chef and a raw entrepreneur I was a day trader. When I was in college, a few friends of mine we were starting to get involved in the stock market and I really got into it and read a lot of books and had my online account. I made some large and small fortunes I’ll just say that. For about three years that’s what I was doing. I didn’t have anybody, I didn’t have a job. I woke, got on my computer and made decisions. Sometimes it worked our good and sometimes not. I did that for three years. I leant a lot obviously, I learnt a lot abut money, I learnt a lot bout the market and I mentioned that because everything that is going on we are all going to be affected regardless of our lifestyle.

We all need money to live and the thing is now I don’t know if you have been following the news its big now, a whole fiscal cliff. The thing is that these things are all symptoms of an underlying problem of this whole economy. Right now this economy at least from my view and my opinion is on a collision course and when that collision, when that explosion happens no body knows but does it have a good chance of happening? Yes it does. The thing is that if we look at our economy, how does the economy work? It works though the creation of debt and the thing is that this while fiscal cliff is really just talk. The thing is if we don’t stop buying houses via mortgage, using credit essential its like the whole game stops.

If we don’t buy a house, if we don’t go shopping to take out furniture or take our things, the creation or allowing them to generate a real estate bubble that s good for the economy even if people cant pay their mortgage. People buy cars and use credit cards its just critical that we have to keep creating debt. Then you can ask the question well we can just keep raising the debt , we can just keep creating debt.

The problem is that we live in a finite worked a just goes against the law of nature. We just can’t keep creating something out of nothing. There has to be something that coconuts for that. We cant just keep creating and that’s essentially what they are doing is they are printing money. So all of us if your working and your saving money, your saving currency, your not really saving money because the thing is that currency and money are two different things. Currency is what we essentially use to live and it forms a means of exchange for goods and services. In the bigger of things with the federal resave creating billions of dollars per month in order to keep the show going, to keep unemployment down, to keep the economy growing. The thing is that when we look at nature, nature gores through cycle. We can’t have summer all the time; we have to have a fall and a winter. Where nature goes to sleep and it comes back and then we have this kind of ebb and flow.

What our government is trying to do is basically keep the equivalent of a summer time. Where they are constantly money that they are printing. So by you saving money, your retirement, your 41k etc. is a huge risk. Anytime you have a commodity or something that you are saving and if you create more and more have it becomes less and less valuable.

Air is a commodity, it’s in abundance so that’s why it’s free but water is maybe not as abundant but we pay for it. That shows you that by saving money you are really defeating yourself and you are really putting yourself up for a huge risk. One of the things while our money is good is transferring is something that is real. When the bubble pops will life continue? I believe so. I think their s going to be some significant changes that happens to our everyday, as we know it. What those might be I have no idea but thinking ahead and what brings it back to raw foods is that, I’m not a farmer and I know me becoming a farmer is I wont say unrealistic but its really unpractical for me at this point. Now that my change again growing your own food may be great but I know how much energy and time it takes. We live in a seasonal environment so we have to consider those things.

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