Is The Raw Lifestyle For You? P4

One thing I can do is that I can begin to store food. I can put m dollars and transfer it into something real, something tangible, something that is going to allow me to live. I’m not a dooms day kind of person I’m just a realist and I follow nature and when I’m looking at the economy I just know that at some point the bubble has burst. The music will stop and being prepared either going to be your saving grace or your worse nightmare.

Some of the things that become essential in terms of storage and what I am personally looking to do for my family and myself is water. How much water? I have heard of a care where somebody had a year supply of food. I think that a year is a long time. I think at least three months is a good start and obviously if you’re storing food enough for 3 months, 6 months, a year you want to develop a system where you are rotating that food. Because again if you are storing non season things moths and those sorts of thing can develop so you want t o sort of build up you storage, build up your supply.

You can look at that as being real money. This is real tangible commodity. Something that you can use just in case so water is the first thing. Anybody familiar with my philosophy in cuisine? I use a lot of coconut water so story fresh coconut water is not possible. We have the pash rice coconut water which does have some storage, it s doesn’t need to be refrigerator frozen. Water along with pash rice coconut water. I use coconut water allot in my recipes and juice so having your water and your coconut water is the begging and then nuts and seeds.

Just about all nuts and seeds you can store. You got your olive, your cashews, almonds, hem seeds, pumpkin seeds, these are things that have some storage value and if you have nuts one thing you can do to prevent them form turning rancid is to refrigerate them. If you have refrigerator space and you have a lot nuts you can refrigerator them until… there was million of people while electricity some time this year, that’s something that could happen. What if what 3 months or 6 months with no electricity.

We are so dependent. We are creatures of dependency. Nothing is produce here. There is no food grown here other than you have your local farmers at your local farm market, electricity and all that stuff is from this and we have water coming from wherever. Gasoline we all know how that can be in terms of transporting foods. You got to really look at you situation and again if you have savings. I’m sure we all have saving in some form and if you’re saving paper dollars then you are really setting your self up because they are not going to be worth the paper they are printed on. It takes the government 6 cents to produce one paper dollar. That’s what it really worth in the long run. I mean you rally want to look at what’s real and what’s not. It’s a big illusion and its something that is around the world.

This is never going to be like a US phenomena. I just honestly believe that one will happen and I think it will happen in this decade. So now is really the time to start to prepare. Nuts and seeds are acid forms of food so what o we use to balance those things? Storing fresh greens you can preserve them, can them and things. Like see weed you buy dry and it does, and it can store. You want to be using seaweed and eating seaweed on a daily basis. If you have a good amount of storage then you want to be rotating your stock.

By having your sea weed of course and last and not least your berries or your dry fruit. We have our super food berries, berries, inking berries, trail mixes that have different berries, even if you have raisins and drapes those area a little on the side but you get the idea.

We really need to create a store of value because again being so over reliant on we go home, we flip the swath for electricity, we turn on the faucet and we expect the water to just flow very nice an clean, we can take a shower, we turn on the thing and our gas comes. I mean this can all ends. I don’t know one person living in this area that its truly self sufficient. Is truly able to generate their own power, they have their own generator, they have their own running water on their property where they can have water to me their daily needs, grow they’re own foods. My thing is its just no t realistic for me to go on a farm and grow my own foods and I’m sure it’s not realistic for any of you in here.

I think really the balance and the equalizer is to basically try to use your paper dollar while its still worth something, to take some of your savings and put it into something real. Especially as a raw food person and even if you want to store some can good stuff, its less than ideal but it can certainly make the difference in the end.

I will finish with a quote basically the gist of the quote is that “if you prepare for bad times then you inly know good times.” so I will leave you with that. It’s been about an hour so I want to thank you again for coming. We have the book for sale and I mention today is usually goes for $14 if you want to pick it up today we will have it on sale for $10 and if I have time will sign it.

Thank you.

And I will take questions now.

Well beans the things about beans are you really want to sprout them. The bean that I use is chickpea and usually the easier your bean can sprout the better it is for you. The thing is with bean of course we know beans are high in protein but again being high in protein is not necessarily a good thing. All food has protein. Fruits and vegetables all have protein. There is a starch component and it has a protein component, which allows for improper food combination, which is why beans can create gas. So if we sprout them then that are really the best want to eat beans. is not a good example, chic peas but mostly other beans is usually more of a high bred and they are not easily to sprout and they are usually more sugar than anything else.

On a retailer level, I know that jones have pretty good prices on nuts and seed sand things like that. If you want to get more bulk size I would go to either you local and they usually have small mark ups you can do if you want to get like 5 pounds or 10 pounds size. Most of your nuts come with 5,1 or 25 pounds sized. So you are definitely saving a few dollars per pounds by going especially 25. We always have the Internet so you can look on there as well.

I have never been to Cosco but it probably sounds like a good idea.

that’s good question . you probably have maybe between 30 and 50 customers that come through. t higher on the weekend of course. maybe 75-100.

one of thing that I didn’t talk about was real money and when I say real money I mean gold and silver. when you talk about diversification and allocation I don’t know how much it would cost some to store, I would say at least 2 months of food storage but if you want to do 6 months per years that’s even better. now how much that would cost, that would probably be a lot .

well that’s another agreement for fasting as well. when you really have to go ingot a fast that’s not voluntary at least you will be prepared f you have been doing it voluntarily but gold and silver I would say. of course I personally wouldn’t take for if I had $50 000 savings I wouldn’t take $50 000 and put it on food but I would probably take half off that and put it in precious metals because b precious metals have at least been money since the beginning of time . that’s why the centric banks are buying . they know that they can print money very easily and that have been basically edging the dollars with precious metals. I would say ate least 50% of whatever your monetary savings.

again you also have to think about insurance. all the things that require some sort of money or income or currency because there is going to be a currency crisis in our life time. I definitely believe that . I am wiling to get that. I would say at least 50% and whatever you have allocated, you have your food storage and latest you will be protected. if you want to be fancy you can get a generator . especially if your electricity is supplying your heat and things of that nature. these are all really important things we need to be looking at.

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