Is The Raw Lifestyle For You? P5

Audience: two quick question. the first one is if you are following a raw diet do you need to supplement like I read some things that if you stop eating meat then you need t suppliant with vitamin b12. I don’t know if that is true or not and then my other question is about the macro nutrients. how do you know how much carbohydrates vs. fats vs. proteins. how do you know if you are meeting your daily intake on raw food diet.

Kahpra: the first thing that I think about when you ask these questions. I mean these are great questions and I think that a lot has been , we have been program to think we need this and that. that’s why I don’t really like supplements because its like you can make an argument . for every supplement you will be taking a cocktail of supplements and its like is this food? is this really healthy? so the thing is with b12 from a vegetarian stand point we get ample b12 in our algae’s things of that nature that come from the ocean and just minerals in general because of the salt content. usually where we have salt we have minerals. so salt is not our enemy. we need to eat salty foods. salty foods is very important.

the second part of your question is like how do I now what from what. I mentioned the thing is you really need to shift our thinking in the fact that firstly I believe we eat too much and secondly because we eat too much its not what about we eat , the question is not how much of this and how much of that and how less of this and how less of that because the thing is our bodies work better when we eat leas. we really have to shift the whole thinking. we really get more than enough. I talk about our economy, you got to look at the motivation for a lot of information is being promoted. the motivation is to get you eating , to get you consuming.

not just consuming in terms of purchasing cars, clothes and things like that . its to get you eating and taking supplements on top of that , vitamins noon top of that and make sure you get everything you need. in terms of the balance there is different schools of thought in terms of three raw food diet. there is some people the at promote what they call 801010. 80% is carbohydrates, 10% protiens,10% fat. I personally I don’t like to sort of pigeon hole and then there is some people that may say 333333 and then you probably have some people that are some where in between. may thing is one meal per day or two small meals per day and you have those meals between 12 and 8. in the cycle where the sun is at its greatest point and if you have a good balance and outside you having good foods. I like at foods being more detox or bulging . you cant detox and build simultaneously. just as important it is to eat building block foods its just as impotent to detox.

detox foods do for example are water, coconut water or your high moisture fruits like melons, citrus , these are all detoxifying foods. these are not building blocks foods.,. if you just ate these foods it would be like your body is on a fast . it would be like cleansing. you can eat cleansing foods all the time but you can eat building block foods, nuts , avocado, olives, green looking vegetables these are building block foods and you cant eat those all the time.

one way t really measure and that this is what I do is to measure your elimination. if you are eating too many building block foods m if you are eating too many nuts you’re going to be constipated. if you are eating a lot of eliminating foods its going to probably produce more of a diahorrea. you want a balance . you want something that is not following too slow or too fast. we all know when its just right . when its just right , you remember what you id and you follow that.

wow that’s a good question. that’s something I really should have talked about. the problem with 80/20, its better than not following anything. the only issue I would d say with that is that you make sure that the 20% don’t become 25%`, 30%, 35% and this is what happens. cook food being so addictive and again if we have something lets say emotionally that happens in out lives that 20% goes right out the window because foods become an emotional connection to our , to us emotionally. those are just some of the things to think about . I think I doing a 80/20, I think a good way to really follow something like that is to say, because I know a lot of people that eat high rag diet and they do well. I say l like maybe eating one cook food per week. I think of you eat a cook food everyday that’s not . you on only want to be eating one meal per da . if you are eating just one meal per day I would say if you want to find balance I would say maybe once or twice per week you can treat yourself. you want to eat conscious cook foods, you don’t want to just be going and getting pizza or French fires or burgers.

audience: now I eat a pretty health diet

Kehpra: the other side of that too because the real essence of food is really not even what you are eating , its how much you are eating.. that trumps what your’re eating. if you arte what would basically be the size of your stomach per day and that’s about maybe 12-15 ounces of food its not a lot of food. it really wouldn’t matter what you ate our would be healthy. you could b eating dairy, meat, processed foods. the thing with process foods is that what I talked about earlier is that its unlikely that you would be able to eat that amount of food and you are eating junk because its very on a nutritional scale. if you are eating foods that’s are high on a nutritional scale like even the food I prepare people say they get a large and that’s two meals because its o la notionally dense.

by acting raw food diets that would automatically allow you to eat less foods because its so dense nutritionally and if you are eating a lot of dark greens vegetable hatch some of the dense food nutritionally we can eat.

again fasting is second to none . the information is that the body is inflamed, the body is almost like there is stress and you are creating more stress by eating . that’s the way someone’s body is programmed top deal with stress is to create inflammation and to create swelling and to naturally bring that down. you can take some medication and some natural herbs and things like that but nothing trumps . it would naturally bring any issues especially inflammation.

fasting is really an art form there is no direct answer . it depends on the person , where they are at . I would say if you are ally dealing with something chronic or weak is a good start. at least 5-7 days initially and then during that 5 or 7 day period and your fasting your’re going to be evaluating hat you are eating , what your’re going to eliminate, what you’re going to replace it with . that’s the time you really take introspection on what you are doing and the changes that’s yoyo are going to make.

just like a mentioned with detox foods and building foods you cant always detox., you got to eat some building block foods, we want to wheat the best building block foods when we are eating. during that time you’ll just be fasting g so you have a lot of time to think about those things and really try to rewire yourself spiritually and say when I start eating I’m going to eat this.

n you can only go up. diabetes, the process foods again that’s one of the things that create diabetes is there is too much processed foods. one thing I say is that when you go to the supermarkets you want to do 80% of your shopping in one aisle, the produce aisle. forget about all those other stuffs ion boxes and jars. that s the problem . we need to be processing fresh foods that’s there foods that we need to eat . something like diabetes, hypertension these l run together because they are all created essentially the same , from the same root and that by eating too much processed foods.

its tough with family. you kind of have t want to do it . there’s nothing that you can really do . id she has to come to you and be informed, yes you have the information but she has to want it for herself. she’s got to believe it. it sounds like there’s some doubt there as well . of course as you talk about that exercise is also right there too and that just as important as the food but not as important. the food is going to be 60% or 70% and the rest is going to be exercise . she’s really got to commit herself to an exercise regimen and also to basically elimination of certain foods and the inclusion of fresh foods. I don’t even like to say raw , I like to say fresh. just eat more fresh foods . people can more relate to that.

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